October 05, 2008

My vacation in Milton Keynes

Time flies away, my vacation have passed and i also went back to the campus. Run over the past 3 months, which was a nice memory in my mind. I clearly remembered that period of June, i still hesitated whether i should go back to China or stay in UK to training myself. Finally, i made a decision not to leave, because i knew i could improve my English and gain some work experiences if i am in here; back to hometown, which means i just enjoyed the holiday and lost the better time for challenging myself in a new environment.

In the beginning of i arrived in Milton Keynes, i felt very lonely and unhappy, this is because i was not  familiar with there, except the whole day's work, i have no interests on something else. This style of life lasted nearly one month, suddenly in one day, which changed a bit. That was one afternoon, i was walking to my home when finished work, there is two boys were playing football on the way. I slow down my foot, and naturally joined them to play together. One of boy named Naski, who comes from Sri lanca, an immigration family. He was lively and friendly to me, the most important was that we also supported Manchester United football team. From then on, we become the good friend, sometimes we talked about the football stars, sometimes we played X-BOX games together, otherwise he taught me some French words, because his grandparents ever was taught and governed by French in the old days, the litter Naski could speak 3 languages, his mother language, English and French. During that period, we got on well with each other, however, i had to back to my campus before the new term's coming, though i would not like to leave him. Before the day i left from MK, i was invited to Naski's house by his mum, i enjoyed the  mum handmade's cake which was very delicious, and i took the photos with them as memory. At last, we said to each other, 'we will meet again!'


me with Nuski, who is my litter brother

I would like to share my other fun pictures in MK with us, i won'tget dinner with my colleagues and shuang forget that wonderful times!women police with strong horse, smiling to me!

March 07, 2008

prepare for my essay

it has one week left in this term,  i believe everyone  have their different works to do before the vocation. then, they will have a good holiday to relax and play. of course, i also have a lot of homework to finish, because i will go back to China on 22th march, so i must finish my essay as soon as possible. i wanna own a free and wonderful holiday, let study pressure far away from me in this time.


before this term ended, i have two essays to hand in. one is 1500 words, another is 2000words. it is a big task, however, i have no choice and should finish it as well. 

before the next term, i still have the big job are waiting for me.  one project is 3500 words, two essays is totally 4000 words. i would like not to think about it, essay seems to give me more pressures and terrible.

as i said, i have no choice, i am a student, a foreign student in UK, so i must work hard than those native students. essay is a part of my study, i believe i can do it well and hand in it on time.

the more pressure, the more energy, i hope everyone can follow it.

come on !

March 03, 2008

It is a long time

it is a long time before i wrote my blog last time. recently, i feel very tired and confused. maybe, i met all kings of different problems  in living and study. and i also didn't know what is going on .

about living

as a international student, it is a difficult thing to live in a strange country. after all, my english is not good, and i spend a little time learning and reading. as usual, i always wasted a lot of time on the line, playing, chatting, and watching some Chinese websites. so i get more and more lonely, far away from foreigners. maybe, i am lack of confidence. i prefer to live in my world, and i know it is a big issue. when i talked with others, i found i couldn't express my idears as well, and even i start to doubt myself. usually, i will get a simple thing into complex, thinking again and again, however, i dind't  find any result which i wanted at last~ 

about study

as usual, i am a lazy boy. i always leave the academic in one side and think about a little time on it. after all, essay and homework is a part of my study, which is taking a important part. no good preparation, no good result, i clear this sentence, but i did very badly~ this term nearly passed, some works are still waiting for me, i shall pay more attention to this serious problem which between living and study.

wait is a fair thing, because nobody want to live in a uncertain world~ do what i should do~~ no time to wait and waste~ good luck, fei~

January 14, 2008


Nowdays, internet is becoming a important part of our life. It lets us get some benifits and convinences from webside, howerver, some disadvantages are also found. For instance, ciminal, sexy,violence and other bad things are ruining someone's mind. Maybe someone will follow the bad webside, do some bad for other peoples things. Especially in youth, a lot of pupils can not tell the right things from Internet, they just felt funny and followed it, so the pupil is simiple to be taught by that bad things. The parents and teachers must tell them how to divide the right things and persaude them far away from it. And the pupil should have a clear mind, find some useful things from webside.
After all, internet is a very good tools for us to study or reaserch. We should get full use of it and find a good way to improve ourselves. We can hardly lose the Internet,we need it, but we must keep the clear mind and let us refues that disadvantages~~~Everyone have this responsbility to far from that rabbish~

December 20, 2007


Hey, guys, please do not talk eaasy with me~all right? this is my bad dream!!!

HAha, it's a joke . But, it cantains my feeling on last days. before the day, i have written about 3 essay. this is the first time i wrote essay~ i still remmebered i have never written so long article in past times. 1000+2000+500 words, what a huge project~ i never think i could finish it~ but , i have done it~ and i have a lot of feelings about this experience~


i remmeber when i take the handout about essay firstly, i couldn't say anything~~i have a little unconfident, i don't belive myself can finish it ~~So i alway escaped and far away from the essay.


With the deadline coming, i have to face to my essay~ but i also didn't know how to deal with it. i just read the topic again and again untill i fall asleep~~ come on, man~i shoudn't wait all the time~it has a short time, i must finish it as soon as possible~


Lastly, my heart is calm~so i asked some classmates and listensed to their advices~ Book, yes, i must read some book about my essay~ because i have no idea in my mind~ so i borrow some useful books and read it carefully~ Now, i have to say, no more than these book saves me~


It just few days left~ i must finish it before deadline~ i prepared the coffee, redbull, bread and so on. i decide to make arduous efforts to do it~ the series of night i was not fall asleep, i just took the pen and wrote endless~ i told myself, i must finish it~Do a nice work, you are a man~hah


When i wrote the last word of the essay, i feel i fly into the sky~ i was tired~ but i done it~ Done it, i can do it~

This experience i will not forget it~ my confidence are increasing a lot~ As advertisement said, nothing impossible~only you put in your heart , try your best, just do it~ i also sum up some experience, find some method. i think if i write the essay again, i will waste a lot time to reaserch the material and read some imformations~ Make a plan and clear structure~then, follow this factors, thinking more, just put your words into the paper~maybe it is a simiple job~haha~

October 19, 2007

Learning English in the real life

Since the middle school started, i have been learninging english. As i thought, english is a simple language. It is easier than chinese, but english as the second language for me, so i must spent a lot time learning it. During the seavral years learning, i also find a method of learning english by myselves.

When i got to UK, i have to speak english in anytime. In beginnig, i feel a little afraid of making mistakes, so i always kept slient. Gradually, i start to speak english with my friend as well. i think it is a good situation for me to improve my eglish.

In my opinion, i have some learning method. i think it is very suitable for me. First of all, you should use english thinking to communicate with each other. In this way, you will find others can understand what you said easily. Only use you studied words to express your idea, that is no problem. Don't shy and afaid, even though you made a mistake, they also don't laugh at you.

secondly, in darily life, you should listen english news or talking frenquantly. It can give you a good enlish enviroment and let your life fiil with english words, so you have not time to think in chinese. Maybe wathing TV or listening the radio is a best way~

Finally, you should get use of all kinds of choice to speaking english. Althongh you have many chinese friends, you must talk with them by english as well. As you are still in china, as speak chinese as speak english. Your mind should change into english~~~

This is my some advice for learning english, it is a just simple way~But you can insist on it ,you will improve a lot~~~

June 18, 2007


My english blog borns, welcome everyone !!!!

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