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October 06, 2008

EFQM, self–assessment


EFQM excellence model consists of nine criteria, which can be used to assess an organization¡¯s process towards to excellence. The model recognize that excellence results with respect to Performance, Customers, People and Society are achieved through Leadership driving Policy and Strategy, that is delivered through people, partnership and Resources and Processes. At the heart of the Model lies the RADAR logic (Results, Approach, Deployment, Assessment and Review), which is used when assessing Enabler criteria and assessing ¡° Results ¡°criteria.

How does EFQM work?

Self-assessment- where organizations grade themselves against a set of detailed criteria under each of the nine heading, it helps to identify your organizations¡¯s strengths and areas for improvement, and attempts to avoid the potentially unsatisfactory aspects of auditing. There are two ways for self-assessment: RADAR logic and Pathfinder Card (concept of them were shown on the CBE website).

The benefits of self-assessment:

1. Help organization, large and small, in the private and public sectors, work more effectively.

2. The process allows the organization to discern clearly its strengths and areas in which improvement can be made.

l3.Educates people on the Foundamental Concepts and framework for managing and improving the organization and how it relates to their responsiblilities

4.Integrates the various improvement initiatives into normal operations

The weakness of self-assessment:

l .Time, human resource, money waste. Because it demands a critical analysis of the organization by the whole staff and management, it includes the opportunity to communicate and evaluate.

2.Key issue is difficult in motivating some of the staff formally, especially as some staff were told by management that they had to take part at the self-assessment.


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