March 06, 2009


In this week, we have mainly focused on our mini project. on our group, everyone was allocated to research information about different part of  knowledge based management. My role now is researching about how knowledge can be defined, and how to representing knowledge. By doing that, I understand what is tacit knowledge and explicit knowledge, including its concept and their difference, and the different format to representing knowledge. To share tacit knowledge, firstly have to covert it to explicit knowlege. Louis Kang gave a good illustration about them on his blog. The sharing is very useful to understand them.

Today, we have talked about seminar topics. During our discussion, we have mentioned the difference between innovation and invention. Invetntion is the first occurence of an idea for a new product or process while innovation is the first attempt to carry it out into practice (Gurel. O, 2007)

For example, iPod, the product is really not very inventive. Since MP3 players have been launched for several years, and the device of iPod is designed with the unique hardware and software aspects. the mainly contribution to the iPod innovation was its combination of aesthetic designm elegant ergonomics and ease of use. In addition, the creation of iTunes software made iPod truly innovative.

I am going to give a good link to undersand Innovation VS Invention by WILLIAM Buxton, which will help our to know more about them. the mainn point of the article is Innovation is far more about prospecting, mining, refining, and add value than it is about pure invention. Examples on it are Apple and Dell.

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  1. Hi Qian~ I am glad you find my blog useful :)
    Hope you learn a lot from your research :D

    07 Mar 2009, 23:10

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