November 17, 2008

cbe topic

Finshed GBE coursework today, i have to move on next statge that is for CBE PMA, seems very busy,,A_A

Among the three topics, i prefer to the first one:

Your enterprise has realised that it is not improving fast enough and that continuous improvement has to become a way of life. Using the EFQM Excellence Model as a framework, describe what would be required to achieve the cultural change. What difficulties are foreseen, and how would you overcome them?

I ve tried to understand the cultural change, but can not get it deeply,, ,,

Need Help ,,Help,,Help!!!!,,does anyone can give me suggestion??  Iwill buy a cake for you!!:)

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  1. Every company has a culture into it. For example, in my life I worked on two companies in the same sector, one American and one British. In one of them is given a lot of attention to discussions, all decisions are very slow, take ages, sometime we lost opportunities, but once decided no one changed the direction, even if it was a wrong decision. People had trouble with mistakes there. In the other was the opposite. Things were fast to be decided, not much burocracy on it, but things also changed fast, even if they did not have the time to be matured, to show if they were or not worth. That`s a cultural thing. The way people dress, the way they sit, etc etc are all part of cultural issues in a company.

    17 Nov 2008, 22:51

  2. cultural change… so that’s getting employees to change their mindset from “I am comfortable where I am” to “nothing is certain, the only way to be competitive is constantly improving performance”.

    specific example of culture would be the way people turn up to work (be on-time or 30 minutes late?), the way people interact (can you speak honestly with your boss or are you afraid to be punished?) , is people generally happy what is asked of them is achieved? or do they go extra mile ? for customer, for the company for the supply chain?

    This is the kind of cultural things within an organisation that managers try to change. How will EFQM succeed in implementing the change? Important categories like leadership to motivate people, lead by example; processes to make things people work more efficiently; people, have reward systems that make excellent workers perform to the best potential and things like that.

    The GE article we suppose to read for OPP has some good information about how Jack Welch (CEO) tried to CHANGE his company maybe you could have a look at that for some ideas

    good luck :)

    18 Nov 2008, 23:40

  3. thanks guys, A_A

    19 Nov 2008, 10:40

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