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April 18, 2009

knowledge management barriers

As I mentioed in previous blog, there were a lot of barriers for KM implementing successful. From my research on these days, I have prioritized for them.  I think that is very importatn to know which barrier is most important, because it can effect implementation directly. Among of nine barriers,the most important barrier is lack of top management commitment because its high driving power and low dependence among all the identified KM barriers. the suggestion to cover the barrier i found is that using Business Management System. then lack of methdology, and orgnaizational structure with highest driving power. these barriers play a key role in knowledge sharing, communication, sollaboration, and in searching for knowledge and information. Next is lack of technological infrasturcture. we know two types of Knowledge that are explicit knowledge and tacit knowledge. all of them need support from technoogy, and technology infrasturcture helps to submit, create, share, replicate knowledge, etc. Lack of orgnaizational culture and lack of motivation and reward are the following one. Both of them are related to motivate and encourage employees to share their knowledge. Then staff deflection, staff retirement, and lack of ownership of problem are the follwoing barriers when doing knowledge management successfully.

when I finished the prioritize and found solutions for copying with each important barrier, I am going to find a method to apply KM on LCM. Because life cycle management relates to thinking about products, processes, and services. it covers product design, material, production, product distribution, and cusotmer & end of life. so that the activity of LCM comprises several departments such as production department, sales department, service department, transportation department. Thus,  I think the Knowledge also comes from different department with different roles. I am thinking about find out a way for KM that suit for LCM processes. I am looking a way that is called Rubik's Cube. But I am not sure my idea is right or not.  hopefully, if someone is doing the LCM, we can share our ideas, and hope my research can help you,..

And I am keep doing ,,,

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