January 25, 2007

The 'biggest band in the world' to headline Glasto

Glastonbury FestivalMichael Eavis has started to reveal the acts that will headline this year’s Glastonbury festival. Unsurprisingly, the Arctic Monkeys will take to the Pyramid Stage over the weekend of the 23rd and 24th of June. The same goes for Bjork who’s already treated the Somerset countryside to her unique brand of Icelandic of alternative-pop-electronica several times.

Interestingly, Eavis has announced that ‘the biggest band in the world’ have been in contact and want to play. But, he has denied that this means U2 or Coldplay, which leaves me wondering…

Now, unless he’s talking about some aged rockers, eg the Rolling Stones, then I’m stuck as to who it could be. I suppose I’d be revealing the bias of my own musical taste by suggesting Radiohead or Muse. Oasis maybe? Unless I’ve forgotten someone really obvious, I can’t see who else he could be talking about. Anyone?

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  1. Mathew Mannion

    Eavis said that it was a modern band, not an oldie (hence why it’s not The Who, who were confirmed this morning). He did say that the band had contacted him, which would probably rule out Radiohead, so I’m left wondering who it is. He can’t possibly mean Muse?... (I’m sure Muse would cringe at being called The Biggest Band In The World, because they’re not)

    25 Jan 2007, 11:13

  2. Nick Brown

    Biggest band in the world? Perhaps big in terms of size rather than popularity. (The Polyphonic Spree headlining Glasto? I’d laugh if nothing else.) Or perhaps all the band members are really overweight, so they’re literally the biggest band in the world?

    25 Jan 2007, 11:31

  3. Dave Sheffield

    There’s a band called REPLENISH from Southampton and the lead singer is like 6 foot 10 and not skinny either. Perhaps its them?

    Or a gospel choir maybe with lots of singers? Not really a band though.

    25 Jan 2007, 13:07

  4. Emily Eavis ruled Muse out earlier in the year I think. It’s also not a metal band as Michael Eavis apparently said he won’t have the Red Hot Chili Peppers even though they offered themselves to Glasto. It’s also meant to be someone who’s not played Glasto before (or not headlined, I forget which) which again rules out Muse, as well as Radiohead and several others. But it’s not U2?

    This is a hard game.

    25 Jan 2007, 13:48

  5. Fran


    25 Jan 2007, 13:49

  6. Moz

    Yeah, apparently Eavis didn’t want the Chillis as he doesn’t want ‘metal’ bands playing. Coz they’re SO metal…the Glasto line-up looks pretty shit so far except for Bjork, but then again, it was last time as well!

    25 Jan 2007, 20:03

  7. If I’m honest, there’s gotta be some misinformation somewhere…
    I can’t believe it’s just the case that said band is someone we haven’t considered yet…
    Which unmentioned band could possibly be said to be the biggest in the world?
    I really, really hope he’s not talking about the Killers.

    25 Jan 2007, 23:00

  8. Perhaps he means Blazin’ Squad. There aren’t many bands with ten members. A contender for “biggest” band in the world?

    26 Jan 2007, 02:24

  9. Mathew Mannion

    For a moment I thought he might mean Eiffel 65 but they split up last year :(

    26 Jan 2007, 08:37

  10. Chris

    Rage Against the Machine are re-uniting to headline Coachella. That would be so wicked.

    26 Jan 2007, 10:43

  11. Dave Sheffield

    What about Culture Beat?

    26 Jan 2007, 11:59

  12. Kylie was supposed to headline the festival but she has such a packed schedule after her recovery… we could do with her ever so squeaky rants over a ridiculously intoxicating catchy poptastic tunes… the best celeb backside tops it all off.. what more can you ask… more feather boas? haha

    26 Jan 2007, 15:57

  13. Christopher Rossdale

    Polyphonic Spree?

    It’s also meant to be someone who’s not played Glasto before

    Rules out most of the likely ones, makes it a very hard call. If it’s the Killers, i’m giving up the last shards of my confidence in humanity.

    26 Jan 2007, 19:34

  14. It probably is the Killers.

    26 Jan 2007, 20:28

  15. Peter

    I reckon it’s the Killers. They are the only band that even vaguely fit all the criteria that Mr Eavis has mentioned.

    27 Jan 2007, 10:36

  16. The Killers played Glasto in 2005 though

    27 Jan 2007, 19:11

  17. Could it be Green Day?

    28 Jan 2007, 21:38

  18. Pete

    I have to admit, when someone says biggest band in the world I normally think immediately of U2, but if it’s not them….. REM surely isn’t an impossibility is it? They certainly HAVE been the biggest band in the world in many people’s eyes. Or have they played before?

    28 Jan 2007, 23:32

  19. REM headlined about five years ago. Good set by all accounts.

    28 Jan 2007, 23:51

  20. anonymous

    They’ve got a new system this year….apparently you have to register in order to be in with a chance of getting a ticket.

    29 Jan 2007, 13:06

  21. Lozzer

    I’ve just had had a thought, it could be Arcade Fire. To be honest their not the biggest bands in the world in terms of popularity, but they have a fairly large enthusiastic fan base, and they have a lot of band members – over 10 on stage at one time all playing their own individual instruments. They’ve got a new album going out in march, are meant to be amazing live, and will no doubt be doing at least one festival. Hopefully that’ll be leeds though, as I’ll be heading up there this summer.

    29 Jan 2007, 17:04

  22. anonymous

    I’m going to see Daniel O’Donnell in Cork this summer.

    29 Jan 2007, 19:48

  23. Carter

    Arcade Fire? Really? Erm… and The Killers aren’t even the biggest band in Britain, let alone the world…

    I have it on very good authority that Eavis was in fact referring to The Rolling Stones (who, in terms of touring revenue at least, satisfy the above criteria).

    30 Jan 2007, 01:30

  24. You see I think they’re a possible…but Mr Mannion wrote up top that this is a modern band. Now I know A Bigger Bang only came out a cupla years ago, but still, you could hardly describe them as modern.
    I’m looking forward to finding out whose source is the right one!
    I hate the idea of Green Day or the Killers…and whilst my love of the Arcade Fire is taking me to see them in a church in London tomorrow (show off, I know), they are certainly not the biggest band in the world or anywhere near being it.

    30 Jan 2007, 23:28

  25. Steveep

    Check this out….


    and all in aid of Green Peace

    02 Feb 2007, 01:42

  26. Mark

    The biggest band in the world is the E Street Band. Ten sold-out nights at Giants stadium on their last tour. A Beatles/Stones double bill wouldn’t sell out ten nights at Giants Stadium. And an REM/Radiohead double bill wouldn’t sell out one.

    03 Feb 2007, 07:20

  27. Mathew Mannion

    And an REM/Radiohead double bill wouldn’t sell out one.

    Maybe not in the States, but they would here easily.

    05 Feb 2007, 15:49

  28. Another thought – Dave Matthews Band? Certainly one of the biggest in America, and my brother’s always telling me that they’re one of the biggest in the world under some criteria…...

    05 Feb 2007, 22:42

  29. Has this been revealed yet? I WANT TO KNOW NOW!

    07 Feb 2007, 09:43

  30. adrian

    The biggest band in the World could not be Oasis (no one outside of the UK has heard of them)
    Good new John Fogerty (lead singer/guitarist/songwriter with Creedence Clearwater Revival) will be playing Glastonbury this year. They WERE the biggest band in the World 1968-1972.

    05 Mar 2007, 15:11

  31. Ned

    I’d like to know the source for this “never played at Glastonbury before” statement…it seems difficult to believe that there is someone who fits all the criteria with that one in mind. I personally really hope it’s Radiohead or Polyphonic Spree (anyone know the running total of band members? Thirty-something?), but it’s probably not the Spree because they’re not quite famous enough to be shrouded in this speculation, but Radiohead…I don’t know, their fansites are always pretty snoopish and can usually pick up on any suggestions etc.

    14 Mar 2007, 14:39

  32. chris

    any chance of the original guns n roses lineup playin?

    17 Mar 2007, 22:22

  33. Baz

    Sting and The Police??

    19 Mar 2007, 21:39

  34. Cardiff

    If its the Polyphonic spree, I will eat thirty hats.

    It can’t be Muse or the Killers, not the biggest band in the world (surely)
    Sure i’ve heard sumwhere its not Green Day or U2.

    Pink Floyd would be awesome, but highly unlikely!!

    “A Beatles/Stones double bill wouldn’t sell out ten nights at Giants Stadium” <- WTF Mark? A Beatles/Stones double bill would sell out 100 nights in ANY stadium (would take a few ressurections for that to happen tho)

    Im gonna say 1 of 2…. REM or Coldplay

    02 Apr 2007, 20:43

  35. kevin

    Its the doors they split in 71 just need to dig up Jim

    16 May 2007, 16:53

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