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December 26, 2004

Messy Christmas and Happy New Ears

So I haven't blogged since October. But my cousin and one of my best freinds told me when i got back from Warwick this christmas that they stumbled across my blog accidentally and really enjoyed it. So this is kind of for them if no one else. Wanna know what I got for christmas?

Hip flask filled with Bells whisky from my sister – I've been carrying it around with me ever since I unwrapped it. I feel like a true gentlemen when in company I remove it from my jacket, take a quick swig from the curved metal receptacle, give it a quick polish and offer it to those around with the information that "It really warms you up inside". I think saying this also gives me the air of an ashamed alcoholic looking for excuses and explanations for his beloved. God knows why but this seems rather cool to me.

Jamie Oliver cookbook – Chance to renew my original University intentions to become a reasonably good cook and distinguish myself from the student stereotype of cheese and toast, which i ate throughout term 1.

Cashmere scarf – I suddenly see the real reason that i have put these three gifts first. It is not that i am a man who appreciates the finer things in life (gourmet, fabric, beverages), it is that i like to look as though i am a man who appreciates the finer things in life. I appreciate the finer things, dont get me wrong, but i dont like them as much for their effect on me, as i do for the effect on other people.

Paul Smith perfume – (see above)

Poi juggling set – This was one of the presents i asked for and the one i have been most anticipating. Poi looks fucking cool, unfortunately the particular poi that my dad bought me aren't ideal, they're a kind of luminous yellow with a green tail but never mind, they'll do for practising before i work my way up to FIRE POI!!!! At which point i'll have crowds of people surrounding me with gasps and applause of admiration. And then there'll be poi groupies sucking me off while i spin fire dangerously close to their heads. Sweet.

Ball juggling set – Dad, because i ask for one type of juggling set, does not mean that i am suddenly crazy on all types of juggling and that you should feed this interest because you liked it when you were a kid and we may finally have something in common. To your credit, as juggling balls go, these ones are pretty sweet what with being metallic silver and black.

£40 – Love you Nan

Leatherman style pair of swiss army pliers – Could've sworn I got this last year. Never mind, it'll be useful for survival when i find myself lost and drunk in the deserted wasteland between Gibbet Hill and Rootes after popping down to the lake for a spliff.

CD by some dude called Nick Drake- This was given to me by my cousin's Australian friend. Apparently Nick Drake is "a religion". I love new totally random music, so i cant wait to listen to this.

Biography's of Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison – Always good to expand my knwoledge of musical history and no longer feel like some complete pleb when my flatmates discuss bands i have no idea about but really wish i did.

A Diesel t-shirt with "I am a sinner" logo – Trust cousin Trevor to get me the one thing that is actually really fashionable. No one else would be able to do it. He bought me a Paul Frank t-shirt two years ago and to this day it is still one of my favourite t-shirts.

A bowling ball – (this one needs and deserves its own blog entry to be properly explained)

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