September 27, 2004

i dont know who i am

I started this blog because I had a thought today that I'd like to share. I have a lot of thoughts that I'd like to share, generally. This is a pretty good way to do it.
I was analysing my behaviour around those I've met since arriving, when i'm just chatting and socialinsing. I realised that this is probably the most natural i've acted in a good few years. Around my friends at home, I know each intimately (not like that) and so i know what to say to make them laugh or think or get excited. Because i dont know these new people, they're personalities dont affect me in the same way, and so i find that i'm making conversation from scratch, not based on past experiences or mutual friends. It's interesting to see what sort of stuff i come out with. So along with all these new external personalities, its a bit like meeting myself for the first time too.

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  1. So does your personality come from within or from without?
    What aspects of your self are essential or primary to you, independent of external influences at any one time?
    If we change when we are with different people what is it about me that makes me, me?
    ….. answers on a postcard please ;-)

    28 Sep 2004, 18:30

  2. There's no precise answer. It's a bit like the nature/nurture debate: There are core, constant aspects of your personality that have been determined by previous experiences and genetics, but in conversation you have to bounce off those around you. So your current environment is also a factor, you cannot say it's one or the other. I try not to change myself depending on the company. But the core aspects of my personality are very difficult to pin point. It would be more accurate for someone else to say, because my opinion is biased. I have a feeling I'm not as witty, intelligent or handsome as I like to think I am. The final question is much more difficult, and the one I'd most like to know the answer to. I've asked the very same one to my father before in a moment of teenage introspection (i'm really sorry Dad) but I've forgotten the answer. The regeneration of cells means that your body is completely new every 7 years. So if your personality changes too, what is the constant?

    29 Sep 2004, 17:13

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