February 14, 2007

North Korea are being good now, are they?

BBC News 24 woman just informed me that North Korea have agreed to start doing what we tell them about nuclear weapons. She said this will hopefully set an example to Iran.

The way she said it, I couldn’t help but imagine the US as a long-suffering teacher in a classroom saying ‘look Iran, North Korea’s behaving himself now, why can’t YOU be good like North Korea?’. Meanwhile, North Korea is wanking furiously underneath his desk.

If this metaphor were continued, presumably we could say that Iraq was so naughty that the teacher was forced to invade (sexually violate?) Iraq, and as a result Iraq has developed schizophrenia and started self-harming.

And Israel is the teacher’s pet, because teacher’s his dad.

And all the middle-eastern countries, well, they’re a bit cliquey, and can be a bit mischeivous, but they generally behave themselves as long as Iran doesn’t encourage them.

And Australia is the thick kid who’s good on sports day.

And Scotland is the special needs kid who looks a bit like a goblin.

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  1. Look out Rory Bremners – Luke’s gone satirical

    15 Feb 2007, 11:44

  2. I think I’d probably call this “post-satire”.

    16 Feb 2007, 13:51

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