February 08, 2007

I made a snowman


It's probably the best snowman ever. 

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  1. probably

    09 Feb 2007, 11:00

  2. I know you love it too. There’s no point pretending you think otherwise, Mr Hughes.

    09 Feb 2007, 21:10

  3. I really do, he looks like quite the affable fellow. I already prefer him to most of my real friend(s).

    09 Feb 2007, 21:21

  4. His eyes are a type of liquorice allsort. Also, his buttons are the same type of liquorice allsort.

    09 Feb 2007, 23:00

  5. I’d never have guessed.

    10 Feb 2007, 09:29

  6. His eyes are a type of liquorice allsort. Also, his buttons are the same type of liquorice allsort.
    I KNEW IT!

    11 Feb 2007, 15:28

  7. Whats left? Is it morbid to ask for a photo of the melted remains? or is it all gone? Am i imagining things, or was there a live action bit at the beginning of The Snowman with Dave Bowie in a crazy jumper?l

    12 Feb 2007, 13:54

  8. YES. But I’m pretty sure it’s been removed in all the recent cuts.

    I put that David Bowie thing in a Christmas quiz I did for my family on New Year’s Eve and researching the bugger was an absolute nightmare. Nowhere on the internet does it tell you that Bowie is in The Snowman (that I could find) yet I know I remember him there – indeed, it’s his finding of the scarf in a drawer or something that starts the tale, as if the whole sordid affair is merely a flashback in the mind of David Bowie.

    12 Feb 2007, 23:04

  9. I always suspected that the Snowman was actually about a paedophile who gave the child a hallucingenic drug, and then abducted him. But I suppose the ‘it’s all a part of Bowie’s imagination’ works quite well. Especially if it was when Bowie was eating all the cocaine.

    12 Feb 2007, 23:53

  10. Has David Bowie ever not eaten all the cocaines?
    It would fit in with the ‘snow’ motif as well.

    13 Feb 2007, 17:25

  11. He ran away to Germany to be bezzie mates with Brian Eno, and give up the cocaine. Then he made his best album.

    14 Feb 2007, 01:35

  12. umm, Nerd!!

    14 Feb 2007, 01:40

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