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December 26, 2004

Feed The Scousers, Let Them Know Its Xmas Time… WBA 0 – Liverpool 5

Thankyou Mr Robson for a Christmas present im sure the red half of Liverpool (and most of the Liverpool fans around the world) will be more than appreciative for…

West Brom 0 – Liverpool 5… a disasterous result if ever there was one… just what is going through this managers head i will never understand!

A more sensible team selection i have to congratulate… but leaving out our best player Zoltan Gera, and making Darren "gift a goal a game" Purse captain now is nothing short of moronic!

A heavy defeat, only put into perspective when considered the referee gave everything against WBA today and after Contra's sending off the game changed, altho Robsons decision to make a HT substitution seemed a bit bewildering since we were playing some very good stuff up until then!

On the plus side i predicted 5–0 to Liverpool so thats some money in the bank for me, but on the other side i would prefer i hadnt won the money… saw some cracking goals and maybe one day i will see some defending.

SO thats 9 goals conceeded in our last two games… Robson's view "we need to start making it harder for other teams to score against us"…. well hats off to the genius.

Bryan give West Brom fans a present, and hand in your resignation! please

West Brom – Liverpool…

Ok its that time of the week again. Where i ditch the camp clothing, the straighteners go back in the cupboard, and the blue n white is brought down off the top shelf….

Its almost ritualistic now. I take the west brom shirt off the top shelf and decide which seasons to wear, trying to hold onto the last bit of mythological "i think we won last time i wore this one" ideal as i can. My ideologies possibly lack sense (having lost our last 4 in a row and 8 of our last 9) but if i didnt smile i'd cry.

the gloves, big coat (not the black one, never won in that one) go into the back of the car and daddy n me head off to our shrine! Spend the car ride complaining about how much we hate Bryan Robson before pulling up in the usual place, he criticises my parking and i tell him to fuck off… we wander down to The Vine… "2 pints of fosters" and into the back room for Chicken Tika kebab off the BBQ.

Fantastic… straight to the game

nuf sed… i have a team t support and a manager to boo!

to the pub

December 25, 2004

To Jonathan Chappell

your comment against my Pride rant was read with care and considered: after which i have decided to write a short retraction in part to what i said.
Your comments that your parents hate you for who you sleep with is upsetting and im sorry that they have not yet accepted you for what you are, but this could well be due to the stigma associated with gay people. A stigma i believe my comments supposed that PRIDE were doing very little to discourage. Similarly homosexuality may be viewed with unease by the public mainly because what it is associated with. It is gradually being accepted moreso, but the scene hardly puts to rest the fears of hetero public about the risk of disease and the promiscuous nature of homosexuals.
I apologise for any offense caused to you by my comments, however it is my belief and furthermore if all you have to personalise with is PRIDE it seems you are only seeking to promote your homosexuality much in the same way as Daffyd Thomas, and if this is the case i feel sorry for you, being only able to identify with your homosexuality is only going to alienate yourself further from the people who want to quote murder you for being gay… It is a sad day when all you have to identify yourself with is your sexuality… after all we would hate to promote the stereotype that gays only think about sex wouldnt we!!

December 19, 2004

Now NEXT are against me

Writing about an entry you don't have permission to view

I arrived at work this afternoon for yet more "pride" style behaviour, my sexuality is definitly being tested of late… spent some time this morning having to flirt with my friends boyfriend to see if hes cheating on him… the investigation is underway again!

They wanted me to be a "fragarence boi" i had to stand (looking fabulous in my new trousers!!!) and try to convince people to buy the new Next perfume… i mean how many funny looks did i get from the general public? more than most i guess…

the highlight of the day… after flirting with a middle-aged woman (i got commission… n she bought some!) she walked away talking to her daughter "he was a nice lad wasnt he… shame hes definitly a puff tho"

to the pub…

December 18, 2004

Robson Fails AGAIN… And This Time Its Local… Birmingham City 4 – West Bromwich Albion 0

I hold my hands up in shame, i did not attend the game at St. Andrews today, firstly i refused to pay 38–00 to see what would be a poor West Brom performance, and secondly i overslept.

Spent the day building a shed in the garden with my dad… and after listening to the game on the radio at the same time, i decided i'd probably made the right decision!

Robson started with a suprising formation and line up… a MUST WIN GAME rallied Robson and he obviously meant it playing only 3 players out of position today, a distinct improvement on the usual starting XIs.

AND only 2 players coming in from the cold in todays squad meant that maybe we had a chance.

. Kanu
Greening, Johnson, Koumas, Gera
. Gaardsoe
Clement, Scimeca, Purse, Haas
. Hoult
Subs: Kuszczak GK, Wallwork (for Kanu 78), Dyer, Horsefield, Earnshaw (for Gera HT)

– OK, Kanu is not a striker, yet hes played as an out and out forward
– Gera is not a winger, but lets play him there
– Koumas a left winger played in the centre on the right side?
– Gaardsoe a centreback played as def mid?
– Scimeca a right footed def mid played left sided centreback???
AND HE PLAYED BERNT HAAS??? (comical by name, comical by nature)
– Leaves Robbie (5goals in last 5games) Earnshaw on the bench
– Takes off our best player and only one causing any problems off at HT

Zoltan Gera for your own good please leave and go to a team where you will be appreciated, you're a fantastic talent and wasted on us!

We lasted 4 mins into the game, 1–0 down… and game over – At that point my head dropped and i just went back to building the shed…

All i know is Morrison scored one and Emile Heskey hammered another 2 home… altho one was a goalie error and the other a deflection off his fat arse does very little to comfort the fact he still scored two!!!!

… To the pub!

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