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May 24, 2005

Whats that i hear? You need help remembering the fundamentals of Personality Theory!?


Using my great lyrical mind I have constructed an almost flawless (yeah right) version of Rock the Casbah explaining everything you need to know to get through Ian Morely's Personality Module!

The words dont always fit perfectly, but I am on kinda a tight budget ok!

now freud told his young boys
that ya fancy ya maaaaaaam…
dont let ure dad find out now
or he'll chop ure penis ooooooof
and as for alll the feeemales
its electra all the way
you'll get over penis envy
just dont fixate on the way

Eyesenck didnt like it
Fuck the Unconscious,
Fuck the unconcsious x2

by order of his father
Eyesenk got to wooooooooork
the problem is quite simple
ignore that crazy sex mad hoooound
now the parents they program – the genes inside their son
and your surroundings bring out your predisposition
but poor old Eyesenk the research was bare
and he began to waaaaaaaail

cus Brody doesnt like it
your research is wrong
your research is wrong! x2

now over to canttell
o he really got it wrong
first order is the rule
second order just ignooooore
but as research changed direction
cantell came under fire
his traits began to fail
and those crazy ideeeas failed!

The 16 pf questionnaire
It was bollocks
It was bollocks

Best of luck for tomorrow guyz n galz!

May 21, 2005

A weekend without West Brom

I know theres the 3rd division playoffs, and the FA Cup final, but I'm already missing the away trips and the atmosphere at home. I cant watch football on TV, im too bad at it… I start shouting things, and if I have to make do with the radio I'm terrible…

I would go and watch the cup final, but I really don't have much interest in it. Neither side has valued it, played understrength teams throughout it, and there is no underdog. Now they treat is as though its a massive achievement, fielding weakened squads in the final few games of the league (although it allowed us to snatch a point at Old Trafford – which ultimately kept us in the race for survival). Both sides have qualified for Europe, so their isnt a great deal at stake, not even financially. Granted, it gives both sides the oppertunity to please their fans by winning some silverware this season, but aside from a great day out for the fans is it really that great a feeling? Man Utd and Arsenal fans are used to winning the League and winning in Europe (well Man Utd's fans are) The FA Cup no longer goes to the best side in the country, just the side that has overcome the challenge of lower league opposition with understrength sides.

If only Exeter had put away that chance at Old Trafford it could be a very different story. The only final I've been interested in lately was the Millwall-Utd one, and poss. the S'ton-Arsenal one. I'm a West Brom fan, I like the underdog… this year's doesn't interest me at all.

Oh and while im on the topic, I hope AC Milan beat Liverpool in the Champs League in the coming days. Rafa Benitez disrespected the true value of the FA Cup with his team at Burnley and then devalued it with his post-match comments. Hopefully we will see the underdogs of Merseyside in the champions league next season, and not a bunch of foriegners, claiming to be Liverpool!

May 19, 2005

All Change Please… All Change

Who would have thought a routine Virgin Trains trip would inspire me to change my blog, and once again become part of the cutting edge of the blog community…

Time to get involved… afterall what else am I going to do in my room all day… revise pfft

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