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February 23, 2005

Again At The Risk Of Jumping On The Bandwagon

Writing about web page

I have made a quiz…

There are loads of errors in it and it doesnt give brilliantly accurate answers, but you seem to do everyone elses so….


Its also set as a related web page… thats as good as i can do!

You Know You've Grown Up In The 90s When…

Ok, ive slacked off for a week or so on the Blogging front, but thats only because Ive actually had work (well West Brom matches) to go to… but it did give me time to think up a few things to add… give it a few days!

Anyway, at the risk of sounding horribly stereotyped (something anyone who knows me is terribly out of character for me :-S) here goes… We all practically grew up in the 90s and theres deffinitly a few memories we all have!

So.. you know you grew up in the 90s because…

1) You owned or were secretly jealous of your sister's PollyPocket

2) You built the Blue Peter Tracey Island (Or if hardcore, sent in for a badge)

3) You associate "another one bites the dust" with foam hands and Gladiators!!!

4) You watched sexual innuendo filled childrens TV and it all went over your head.

5) You know the theme tunes to Power Rangers and Transformers but nothing by Mozart.

6) You owned a horribly coloured shell suit, and would never sit too near the fire in it.

7) You owned a pair of LA Lights trainers, you know the ones, with the flashing lights in the back!!!

8) You owned a pair of pump up trainers, with the little air pump in the tongue!

9) You have been a member of a Krazy Kids Gang while on a package holiday!

And Finally…

10) You know who Katrina & The Waves are, and tried to hide the bit of pride you got when they won Eurovision

February 12, 2005


Do you want to meet new people?

Do you want to share interests?

Do you generally want to have a good time?

MORE IMPORTANTLY Do you think British Comedy is the best in the world and want an excuse to get pissed every week and watch it?!

NOW IS THE TIME TO JOIN COGSoc... The Comedy Gold Society

"Im not only a member, im the President!"

All I need is 25 more people to join to make it an official society… that way i get money to spend on alcohol to share with you guys at meetings, its just that simple… you scratch my back, ill get you pissed

February 11, 2005

How To Look Cool In The Varsity!

Given we are no longer allowed in any clubs in the country due to outrageous behaviour (ok, so i lie, we were just too lazy to go anywhere in partic) the Benefactors Thursday Night Bar Representation Society decided to head to Varsity. However there was one minor problem… Unlike normal I (the only male in the picture… hard to tell which is which, but I did an excellent image of my physique to assist) was unable to drink due to medication, meaning no self-embarrassment, getting totally wrecked and then trying to convince JIll there is no God!

This week however, we took our coolness to new limits during our 45minute stay at the Varsity, which saw only 4 alcoholic drinks consumed between the 4 of us, one being by me… i had to get my moneys worth out of the free entry! We also changed positions around 5 times also! But found our home sat on the radiator by the windows in the corner…

How Cool Did We Look?
I think the image below answers that question!

February 10, 2005

10 Reasons Why Classics Is POINTLESS

continuing the debate that would run till the end of time, if it wasnt for the fact that soon someone will realise Classics is pointless and stop teaching it!

1 – It is just a way for people who couldnt cope with a real history degree to get into university!

2 – You have to learn Latin and/or Ancient Greek… why dont i just slit my wrists now!?

3 – They realised it was so pointless a subject they had to start making up stories to tell to drag it out for a whole 3yrs!

4 – My best estimate suggests within 5yrs every classical pot will be dug up so their will be no use for people who are trained to dig them up!

5 – You spend all your time looking at people who are dead and discussing things they said that even science in the middle ages proved was wrong!

6 – In psychology we have videos and photos, in classics u have 2D sketches and statues without arms!

7 – I can't think of anyone who could inspire me less in lectures than a person who has devoted their entire life, and even gained a pHD, in the study of pots and mythological stories!

8 – You have to rely on other better subjects like Psychology to put your subject to use, Oedipus Complex.

9 – You have to translate whole stories from one language to another, only to be bored shitless by them!

10 – You will never be able to do the subject properly as it requires full translations of all of Plato and Aristotle… and even a classics student must have better things to do with their life than that!!!

February 08, 2005

At the risk of loosing my spontaneous streak…

I went along with everyone else and did the mythical beast quiz

pretty much means the following:

"You're a phoenix. You can take anything from life and emerge none the worse for wear. Others admire you and are always chasing after you; whether or not you pay attention depends on your mood. Spontaneity is both a virtue and a vice in you. Your alignment is neutral, leaning slightly towards good."

Im chuffed :)

Inspired by Luke Blackwell's Fantastic Gary Doherty Song…

To the tune of "My old mans a dustman..."

O his Name is Bryan Robson,
and he's taken the Baggies down,
he thinks that he can manage,
but we'd do better with a clown.

He was a world class player,
of Man United fame,
but his failure at Bradford,
shud see him banned from the game.

Like David Platt at Forest,
He went back and he failed!
The day he got the West Brom job,
was the day we got derailed!

When he first took over results were bad,
but the team was fucking shite!
lost his first 3 games in charge,
…no points for a fortnight!

He sed the players were not his choice,
But noone seemed to care.
His stupid subs and tactics,
left fans tearing out their hair!

Oh he finally got his first player
Kev Campbell in Janu'ry,
and then a favour from Sir Alex,
and a youngster from Burnley!

Performances improved a lot,
but results, they stayed the same,
we probably would have had more points
if they were 80 minute games!!!

Fulham, Norwich, Pompey…
nil points instead of 3,
We could have been mid table
but were five points from safety!

Now with relegation looming
We regret the choice Peace made
If only Hoddle had got the job
In the Premier we could have stayed!

Im famous…

Well not really… but just a bit…

My match review got printed on the back of the Boar…

I know its not a massive achievement since the Boar is always limited as far as sports content is concerned, but hey Rome wasnt built in a day…(Vicky please confirm if im wrong :-p) … Romulus and Remus???

February 07, 2005

My Nerd Score

Probably something wrong here… but i think im the coolest person on the benefactors blogs circuit!!!

and what the hell is my IP???

Time Wasting the Psychology Way

So you have a practical report to do… Its pretty much already done, just needs typing up. Has to be on Wednesday but you just cant be arsed…

1 – Set your phone to vibrate the night before, that way the alarm will go off but you wont hear it, allowing you to sleep in.

2 – Wake up of natural causes at 11 – realise you have missed your lecture… and need to catch up.

3 – Check the post box, and try your key in all the other ones to see if it works.

4 – Spend 30minutes reading sports sections online before loading the notes from the lecture you've missed.

5 – Realise your printer doesn't work, so spend 10mins on football forum while deciding whether its too cold to go to IT Room.

6 – Email work to yourself…

7 – Look in fridge

8 – Go to IT Room, the long way, via Costcutter – read the newspapers again, and also stand gormlessly staring at the magazines.

9 – Walk round looking at food, even though you have no money or cards.

10 – Get to IT Centre, read and reply to messages you've left on football forum.

11 – Print off notes and then spend 20mins on meaningless sites, looking over the shoulders of people next to you (whose work looks more intresting than your's)

12 – Look in fridge

13 – Help cleaners look for their lost keys

14 – Look in fridge

15 – Send meaningless text hoping for people to reply

16 – Sit staring at fone, until deciding to finally work

All in all a successfull 4hours wasted :-D

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