February 06, 2005

Record Thread Attempt

Looking through all the other blogs i noticed that their are quite a few long trails of comments, aint to happy about that!!!

SOOOO here we go, this is an attempt to get the longest comment trail on any of the blogs – anyone know what the actual record is???

If we can hit 25 we'll be laughing…

the problem is i cant think of anything inflammatory enough to get these long comments, so over to you lot!!!

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  1. ill set the ball rolling…

    Their is nothing better to drink than Vodka!

    06 Feb 2005, 13:48

  2. Classy

    06 Feb 2005, 13:55

  3. Just so you have something to talk about, the record is well over 100.

    06 Feb 2005, 13:55

  4. I saw a 35 just now… but I seem to recall a 70

    06 Feb 2005, 13:55

  5. Damn – my comment was redundant even before I posted it

    06 Feb 2005, 13:56

  6. Well, so far there's a definite lack of effort.

    I'm glad i'm not going to be the one getting all the emails.

    06 Feb 2005, 13:56

  7. Never thought of that. Hardly ever getting comments means I don't suffer from it

    06 Feb 2005, 13:59

  8. Well, back to the original topic.. I don't really like vodka unless its in a cocktail.

    Give me a beer anyday

    06 Feb 2005, 14:01

  9. oh well, all that will change now

    06 Feb 2005, 14:01

  10. I agree with will, beer over vodka

    06 Feb 2005, 14:02

  11. Mathew Mannion

    Scary I-hate-gays-and-abortion-is-murder guy got about 200 comments before he deleted his post.

    06 Feb 2005, 14:05

  12. As you know, I don't like beer. But i'd like some Jack Daniels thanks.

    06 Feb 2005, 14:06

  13. in that case Matt…

    I hate gays and abortion is murder….

    and its not like i use my Warwick email :)

    06 Feb 2005, 14:14

  14. You called him "Matt" oh dear… oh dear oh dear…

    06 Feb 2005, 14:15

  15. i don't know matthew, but I can imagine, you've just opened a can of un-worldly pain. untold.

    06 Feb 2005, 14:16

  16. You called him "matthew", that's even worse!

    06 Feb 2005, 14:17

  17. as I may have also done, by mis-spelling mathew – matthew. ah well.

    beer. not vodka, not JD.

    06 Feb 2005, 14:17

  18. Mathew Mannion

    You're all going to die.

    06 Feb 2005, 14:19

  19. JD tastes great – just makes me feel like shit in the morning…

    southern comfort won me over for some time a few monthes back tho…

    v.mellow :)

    06 Feb 2005, 14:21

  20. Mat's scaring me with his scary eyes :'(

    06 Feb 2005, 14:24

  21. Spirits are general rank. The ale the ale.

    Southern Comfort's just weird.

    06 Feb 2005, 14:24

  22. And to clarify – I'm not trying to start a fight

    06 Feb 2005, 14:25

  23. this thread is starting to die and weve only just hit 22?!

    06 Feb 2005, 14:36

  24. I think I had the first entry over 100 comments.

    06 Feb 2005, 14:59

  25. Than I shall be the first to get…. ONE MILLION COMMENTS! MWAAAHHAHAHHA etc

    06 Feb 2005, 15:01

  26. okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay then, jd rocks my world

    06 Feb 2005, 15:07

  27. Was my Austin Powerness lost there? Or simply not appreciated?

    06 Feb 2005, 15:13

  28. a bit of both.

    06 Feb 2005, 15:20

  29. u just got my general response to people who seem to wish to take over the world.

    06 Feb 2005, 15:21

  30. I don't think I've ever met anyone that could produce such a general response.

    Who did you use it on first?

    06 Feb 2005, 15:36

  31. Mat has stomped off, in a huff, in his big stompy robot suite

    06 Feb 2005, 15:49

  32. yes he has.

    06 Feb 2005, 15:52

  33. Mathew Mannion

    I'm preparing my evil death ray o'death. What!? Death Ray?!

    06 Feb 2005, 15:53

  34. No death rays, Mathew, how many times?

    Being a non-drinker I can't really contribute to this conversation, but never mind, I'm trying.

    06 Feb 2005, 16:50

  35. ud be surprised how many people there are out ther who try to take over the world – i'm one of them, i look down on others, their plans are inferior to mine.

    06 Feb 2005, 17:02

  36. oh and mat, put that death ray down, if u run with it and slip then ur gonna get hurt

    06 Feb 2005, 17:03

  37. Mathew Mannion

    Death raaaaaaaay!

    Helen, do you want to co-ordinate our world dominatrix plans?

    Today, Wales… Tomorrow, the world!

    06 Feb 2005, 17:21

  38. Want an inflammatory subject?

    I think my presence here is enough. :D

    See the thing about psychology is….

    06 Feb 2005, 17:21

  39. Mathew Mannion

    Oh, and sorry Jill :(

    06 Feb 2005, 17:22

  40. yes, i'll work "with" you mat. (until we get very near the top and then i turn your own death ray on you)

    06 Feb 2005, 17:30

  41. shit i pressed the add comment button, bugger bugger bugger

    06 Feb 2005, 17:31

  42. Mathew Mannion

    That's what you think…

    06 Feb 2005, 17:50

  43. It's amazing what comes out of an alcohol induced, mentally unstable minds at times. Mostly just wax.

    06 Feb 2005, 18:08

  44. Wax? From where?

    No, actually, I don't want to know.

    And Mathew and Helen, you can have anywhere in the world except:

    Cuba: I called it already.
    Northern Ireland: I called it too, for comedy value.
    Spain: I want that. And some of Latin America.
    Most of Eastern Europe: Alex called that.
    Russia: Ditto.

    You can have North America if you want….or Australia. Or India, or China, or France, maybe.

    06 Feb 2005, 21:54

  45. um, i believe the idea was to have it all

    06 Feb 2005, 22:14

  46. Would anyone mind if I stole Greenland and Iceland? Simply so I could change the names around.

    06 Feb 2005, 22:15

  47. what and make the world a more logical place – ridiculous idea!!!

    06 Feb 2005, 22:43

  48. Just make maps easier.

    Could call Alaska Palmoscity though to make things less logical and more fun.

    06 Feb 2005, 23:03

  49. lets rent out america to japanese businessmen as a hunting range.

    06 Feb 2005, 23:29

  50. Mathew Mannion

    World Domination: For clue see left?

    06 Feb 2005, 23:42

  51. Alex

    good good… 50 and building… were making progress!!!

    and world domination?! im a lacky barman in Varsity! hardly the next great dictator in the making…

    then again i do have 2 balls!

    06 Feb 2005, 23:52

  52. youve got one up on Adolf, according to the popular song

    07 Feb 2005, 00:17

  53. Mathew Mannion

    What will the Albert Hall do?

    07 Feb 2005, 07:50

  54. Erm…hold concerts?

    07 Feb 2005, 16:59

  55. Hold fights?

    07 Feb 2005, 17:44

  56. well i've got a few ideas that me n Vicky could do to bring in the crowds, but i'd need to confirm it with her… it worked in a few nightclubs in Amsterdam!

    OK, i know Vicky's lettin herself go but i could always go on top hehehe :-P

    …luv ya really Vick! (especially that pic on my phone!)

    i guess Jill could be involved too but we wud have to mark up entry price!

    07 Feb 2005, 18:19

  57. The Albert hall would cry; or send out assassins to remove mr Skidmore's advantage over our Adolf

    08 Feb 2005, 02:06

  58. Vicky G

    Eww Alex ewww!

    I think you should delete that pic of me on your phone…its awful!

    08 Feb 2005, 08:59

  59. It is a funny photo. Hehe.

    And I think we can safely say we're not doing most of the things that one can do in an Amsterdam nightclub.

    *Really unamused look*

    08 Feb 2005, 14:40

  60. Vicky hun,

    it looks like its down to me and you to take one for the team eh???

    08 Feb 2005, 15:16

  61. I'll keep the ball rolling… there's nothing better than not drinking vodka

    09 Feb 2005, 02:09

  62. I agree Colin. Though when other people drink it the results can be most…er…interesting, shall we say.

    Naming no names in particular:

    "Shall I down this?"

    "I really don't think you should."

    "Ah well."

    *Rolls eyes*

    09 Feb 2005, 14:01

  63. +2 to that.

    09 Feb 2005, 15:32

  64. Hmm. Anyone have any other ideas of topics we can discuss?

    10 Feb 2005, 12:15

  65. Yes. Is it right to show displeasure with your lecturers by drowning them in tabasco gravy?

    10 Feb 2005, 12:38

  66. Alex

    depends if they are male or female… as we know men would find a way out…

    but women… well they just arent as clever or skilled enough are they! ;-)

    10 Feb 2005, 13:25

  67. Alex

    oh and Jill… arent u Anti-semetic?

    10 Feb 2005, 13:26

  68. For the love of all humanity, don't start that one again.

    And almost anything you can do, I wouldn't want to do better, so :P to you Mr Skidmore.

    no tabasco gravy please Luke. They might take offense.

    I know that's the intention, but it still isn't nice.

    10 Feb 2005, 18:14

  69. Wow this thread is as dead as Lazarus the second time around. C'mon people!

    11 Feb 2005, 11:53

  70. This thread is deader than flares.

    11 Feb 2005, 12:00

  71. But wait! I see a spark of life still!

    Oh boy.

    Does this mean flares might make a comeback too?

    11 Feb 2005, 12:33

  72. I thought they already had, judging by some people.

    11 Feb 2005, 16:42

  73. I thought they were being retro.

    As opposed to cringingly unfashionable. Actually, not unfashionable, just out of date.

    Unfashionable is when you wear clothes that were never in fashion. Or never go out of fashion.

    Like jeans. :)

    11 Feb 2005, 18:15

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