February 10, 2005

10 Reasons Why Classics Is POINTLESS

continuing the debate that would run till the end of time, if it wasnt for the fact that soon someone will realise Classics is pointless and stop teaching it!

1 – It is just a way for people who couldnt cope with a real history degree to get into university!

2 – You have to learn Latin and/or Ancient Greek… why dont i just slit my wrists now!?

3 – They realised it was so pointless a subject they had to start making up stories to tell to drag it out for a whole 3yrs!

4 – My best estimate suggests within 5yrs every classical pot will be dug up so their will be no use for people who are trained to dig them up!

5 – You spend all your time looking at people who are dead and discussing things they said that even science in the middle ages proved was wrong!

6 – In psychology we have videos and photos, in classics u have 2D sketches and statues without arms!

7 – I can't think of anyone who could inspire me less in lectures than a person who has devoted their entire life, and even gained a pHD, in the study of pots and mythological stories!

8 – You have to rely on other better subjects like Psychology to put your subject to use, Oedipus Complex.

9 – You have to translate whole stories from one language to another, only to be bored shitless by them!

10 – You will never be able to do the subject properly as it requires full translations of all of Plato and Aristotle… and even a classics student must have better things to do with their life than that!!!

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  1. The statues weren't built without arms though! They did have them once…so its good to speculate. :-D

    I'm still not convinced, Alex!

    And learning greek is cool. Hehe!

    10 Feb 2005, 15:41

  2. Philosophy is way more pointless that any subject on this earth. Do we know anything? Are all valid arguments circular? How do we refer?

    How about: Who cares?

    10 Feb 2005, 16:09

  3. I agree. Philosophy hasn't answered any questions EVER. Which is a bit of a problem considering how long its been trying to.

    As for Psychology vs. Classics, I'm keeping schtum. I have no opinion. Nope. Honest.

    10 Feb 2005, 17:36

  4. ok i not pissed off and im not gona attack psycolgy )as my next door neigbouh in rootes is a psycology student) and im not gona list classics good points as others have elsewheer. i will instead go thru ur arguements

    1 Kind of tru but real history is all nazis and a bit boring, and we do history plus other stuff such as languages art and medicine, hows that easier, it shows adaptability and that classics ROCKS
    2 Its fun, if not the lessons the ppl u meet….(tumleweed). also if u learn ancient greek its the same as modern greek so it cud b useful next time they host the olympics, aslo classics ROCKS
    3 Its called hypothesising, and classics ROCKS
    4 We will fake them e.g. kouros in Getti Museum, also we will make tv shows and how we used to dig them up, classics ROCKS
    5 Modern science knows its 'wrong', standard theory in physics is wrong but they teach it til sumit better cums on, so we study there theories in religous contexts etc and so we ROCK
    6 We have museum visists and can take holidays in hot countries and call them educational, again classics ROCKs
    7 There like Indiana Jones (well some are/could be), how can Harrison Ford not inspire you…classics ROCKS
    8 You have to use our terminolgy, u big copy-cats if only you know what i know… that classics ROCKS
    9 I assume all psycology text books are rivetting? well we have comedies by aritstophanies, love poetry, science fiction, and war stories like the iliad. literature which cover the whole gamit of human experience and emotions that it is still studied today, proving clasics ROCKS
    10 Well no as they are already translated so thats a shit comment which uv only added to round it up to 10, lol. have a guess what ROCKS

    10 Feb 2005, 18:11

  5. victoria

    Go Adam! Woohoo!

    10 Feb 2005, 18:34

  6. thankyou victoria.

    by the way im sure classics, classics students (me and u victoria especially of course) alex and even psycology all rock in their own original and cool ways.

    p.s. of course classics rocks so much more than psycology solely as i can nvr spell pschology

    10 Feb 2005, 19:06

  7. sorry adam but none of your arguement holds any real water! its all crap!

    10 Feb 2005, 19:58

  8. I think Adam definetly has a point about Indiana Jones though.

    Dr Jones.


    11 Feb 2005, 01:29

  9. Yes, but Dr Jones had his reputation shattered by that awful Aqua song released a few years ago by the same name!

    But i do believe i bought it and have a copy somewhere hehe… oh the chav years :)

    11 Feb 2005, 02:29

  10. "Alex, the chav years"

    I like the sound of that.

    The best line out of the whole trilogy is "you were named after the dog???" done in an Arabic accent.

    11 Feb 2005, 09:42

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