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What is there really to tell? Im a student… I dont have hobbies…


“Hi, my names Alex and i’m an alcoholic” which is a common belief surrounding me, i dont think i have a problem, and even if i did i wouldn’t want to change because im a socialite lol.

A bit about me? Well im a bit different... well diverse thats the buzzword being used at the moment i find. For a start im a West Brom fan, something noone else at this university is so I’m told, but given recent results…who could blame them??? Im a season ticket holder which means a commute (sometimes even paying) by train back to the Hawthorn’s every other weekend…fantastic… and given the delays i encounter EVERY WEEK!! it limits time for drinking before the game (yet i dont have a problem).

Im apparently also one of the only straight guys around who apparently “wants” to be gay… again so im told, but i dont think i do anything wrong… i just dress a bit camp, have a few gay friends, sometimes even go to gay clubs with them (great place to pick up women REALLY THEY ARE! – NB// Check they actually are women before u leave the bar cant stress that enough

Im a poser too… if you havent guessed from my photo… buying camera phone was a bad idea, i mean now ive got a camera with me every minute of every day, as i cant go an hour without my phone, it terrible but i feel naked without it… yet i only got one in year9… still early for our generation… Ive still got it somewhere retro

What else do I do??? Well i hate to admit it but im an addict and it sometimes can alientate me from my peers… My drug of choice is football manager 2005 and the occasional binging on DC++ but i did recently learn of self help cures for these types of things… namely called drinking games and girlfriends… (also a good cure for those with masterbation issues…so im told)

Besides this i dont know really… in my spare time i go to lectures… and to show im committed im SSLC or SSCL for psychology which means i go to a meeting with a librarian and a few people and discuss things (which normally go over my head) while i think about which bar to spend that night in!

DISCLAIMER: All information on this blog is a matter of opinion, and none of which is claimed to be factual. All entries, images and proflies are not my property and i claim ownership of none.