October 01, 2004

Top Banana

Now I know you're all thinking that top banana was on monday, which currently seems light years ago, but I was just wondering if anyone had any tips on what sort of time to arrive to get in at a REASONABLE hour. Last monday i made the somewhat fatal error of turning up at 8.30, with the mistaken belief that the queue wouldn't be that bad. My was I mistaken. I queued for 3 hours, which I don't care to repeat this time around. So, to those of you who managed to get in before midnight… what did you do?! (I dont have a gold card so that option is ruled out by the way)
Ally x

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  1. don't go

    01 Oct 2004, 14:47

  2. Well…... I wasnt expecting that reply
    But i'll bear it in mind :p

    01 Oct 2004, 15:18

  3. patrick

    Top B usually empties out as term progresses. It's really not that good a night as Uni nights go…. in fact the union aint that great. get out to leamington and to cov, go to ikon and the collosseum

    but yeah, top b isnt as popular as the year goes on and ppl realise it aint that great.

    01 Oct 2004, 16:00

  4. just to add weight to the comment above. top b is only good if uve drunk half a gallon of paintstripper before stumbling in. i wudnt queue for three minutes, let alone three hours. the monkeys are quite cool though.

    less of the union, more of the monkeys!

    01 Oct 2004, 18:08

  5. Thanks guys…. I will definitely take that on board. I think i was just so pleased to get into somewhere warm on monday that my surroundings weren't of that much importance. Havent had a chance to see the monkey yet… but how could I not agree with the view less of the union. more of the monkeys!?! And patrick, am off to the collosseum next week at some point hopefully so thanks for confirming what I'd already heard.
    Ally x

    01 Oct 2004, 18:50

  6. Suzi

    Top B isn't all that bad in my opinion. It's a free entry event (you don't get many of those), there are 3 differnet rooms to go for (marketplace, cooler and graduate) and I happen to like cheesy sing-a-long music which usually has something you can dance to in there. They do play lots of classics as well as stuff in the charts. It's also good if you like pool/table footie or just want somewhere to meet up.

    Having said that I would not wait 3 hours to get in. I wouldn't wait 3 hours to get in anywhere. The queues aren't normally that bad, you can usually turn up at 9:30 and wander in. it's only the first and last ones of each term you need to get there early for.

    In short unless you like cheesy pop music you won't want to go every week but if you fancy a cheap mid-term night out then this is a strong possibiity.

    01 Oct 2004, 19:21

  7. Rich

    You can basically turn up at any time, probably about 11 the best, other than the first and last ones of the year, whcih are completely packed out, then you have to aim for around 8, and yes it can be a very long night

    Its alright for a free night out and somewhere to go on a monday, but don't go sober expecting a great night out

    01 Oct 2004, 22:51

  8. far as im concerned the only decent event has been the chikinki gig. but but then again, thats the only one ive been to. I dont like these 'ironic' cheese nights. Shit music is shit, now matter how you label it.

    02 Oct 2004, 20:34

  9. well said.

    03 Oct 2004, 02:12

  10. but surely school dayz is THE most amazing night!?

    03 Oct 2004, 14:10

  11. Yes, and it's my opinion that anyone who doesn't enjoy themselves at Skool Dayz is either a miserable bastard or a contemptible music snob. But then again I am biased as I DJ the fucker!

    Of COURSE cheese events are full of cack tunes, but that's the point. My specialist area is rock/indie/alternative music, but I still love DJ-ing events like Skool Dayz and the Welcome Party because these are the songs I listened to as a kid and I still have a soft spot for them now. Check your biases and/or brain at the door, have a few drinks, hook up with some mates and you'll have an absolute blast, I promise.

    03 Oct 2004, 14:46

  12. I joined the Top B queue at about 8:10 after leaving The Bar and I think I got in at about 8:45, the queue isn't all that bad if you're with a group.

    I listen to a range of music from cheesy Top B pop to rock and metal, but I can say with all honesty that metal doesn't make for a good night out unless you're at a gig, so cheesy music and soft rock it is. Enjoy it.

    03 Oct 2004, 21:21

  13. Mike Eccleshall

    "in fact the union aint that great"

    Highly commended club & live venue by Cov city council (voted by largely non-students and something that Ikon weren't even on the nominees list for)
    One of the best PA's and live gig set-ups for any venue of its size in the country
    Host of the biggest RnB night in the midlands
    The only student venue on the Beverly Knight arena tour, owner of one of the most advanced ticketing systems in the country,
    The best line-up of any freshers ball in the country this year – in fact, probably the best freshers fortnight anywhere in the country – with guest acts over 12 of the 14 nights
    A new entrance and total refurbishment for the Graduate pub in response to feedback from people who wanted a "space for a pint" without paying for an event.
    A genuinely safe and welcoming environment envied by every promoter in the region. Not something Ikon can say similar things about.

    Not to mention a music program that is one of the broadest and most diverse for any similar entertainment space in the country. Where else do you get the choice between a 1200 capacity 70s night OR a live show by a mercury music prize winner – both happening simultaeously.

    Of course, generating literally 100's of 1000's of pounds per year to spend on advice, welfare and democratic services, wages for 100's of student staff, campaigns and society / sports subsidy is something that we are quite proud of – but we could dump all those for 50p drinks offers i suppose.

    If you think the union aint that good, go have a look at what other SU's (& venues) in the midlands area provide. Personally, i think the provision here is damn good – and interestingly one of our biggest growth areas is non-student attendance – ie people from the local community realising what a good thing we have going on here

    don't believe the old hacks, make the decision for yourself. As for what time to arrive at Top B tonight, we'll be 1 in 1 out by 10.45pm

    04 Oct 2004, 14:00

  14. Highly commended club & live venue by Cov city council (voted by largely non-students and something that Ikon weren't even on the nominees list for)
    But how can non-students know, since you have to be a member or a friend of a member to get in?
    The union bores me, with two nights a week dedicated to playing cheese, as an accompaniment to the meat market ensuing below. Most of the specialist nights are retro (skool days, neon, boogie nights). The building itself is about as poorly designed a venue as I've ever seen.
    What I wish the union would provide is more space like Xanana – believe it or not there are actually people who enjoy chatting to friends, rather than drinking themselves into oblivion, vomiting into their 70's wig, and pulling some random stranger.

    04 Oct 2004, 14:30

  15. Mike Eccleshall


    I think you will find that the majority of our events are open to the general public – it seems your arguments are somewhat reactionary and outdated. At pressure last thursday we welcomed nearly 100 non-students.

    If you want "more space like xananans" what about…Rococo, or the new non-smoking Rococo lounge in Union South, or eerm The Graduate (a free to enter space where people can enjoy chatting to friends, rather than drinking themselves into oblivion, vomiting into their 70's wig, and pulling some random stranger)

    Your union provides a remarkable range of areas and spaces for all kinds of people. There is always somewhere free to enter – 7 nights a week, there are food options from fish n chips to full restaurant service. There is only "cheese" 2 nights out of 7. In fact, i think we provide exactly what you are looking for ! Maybe you should come and check us out sometime!

    04 Oct 2004, 14:44

  16. Good grief. I've never been accused of being reactionary before. I'd love it if the union changed for the better. I don't hanker after the "good old days" at all.

    Regarding public events, your website disagrees. 9 public events listed in october, 37 NUS only events.

    Rococo's not much use for a chat if there's an event on, ditto the graduate when there's an act on in there. And free entry isn't my issue: I don't mind paying to get in somewhere when there's anything worth getting in for.

    "My Union" provides a lot of good stuff, don't get me wrong. I just think that the ents are almost entirely aimed at undergrads, and especially those living on campus. I know very few postgrads or international students who regularly go to union events. Sorry to break it to you, but that's not because we're miserable old killjoys, it's because we have different (dare I say more mature?) tastes in entertainment.

    04 Oct 2004, 19:17

  17. James Taylor

    I've had some great nights at the union.. including seeing two of my favourite artists/groups (Chicane AND Hybrid) both live there. Hard to say anything bad about the place with two nights out like that!

    05 Oct 2004, 09:35

  18. I think that one of the things I like about the union is the fact that it is NUS only most of the time. Once you open the doors to the outside world, the riff raff come piling in, and all that will result are fights and other nasties. I think students need a place where they can go and feel safe. I also think the union is about having a good laugh, and it will obviously be biased towards to main audience. I don't know the figures but I would guess that with 6000 rooms on campus and a 4000 intake, there will be more undergrads (and freshers) than any other group. There are a million and one cars and restaurants on the capmus, and as mike says, 3 different rooms in the union. If you don't like cheesy, r'n'b/d'n'b or rock, there isn't much hope for finding any kind of entertainment. If classical is your thing then theres The arts center, if you want a pub, there's the phantom coach or varisty just outside.

    The only problem I would really put my finger on is the lack of big name acts, but then I suppose they get more coverage and their union averages out to be the same as ours.

    To sum up, the union is a great place to go for a good laugh and a bit of fun with your mates like most people, if you want to sit and have a chat, there are plenty of places for that too.

    05 Oct 2004, 12:45

  19. Take some acid and have a psychedellic trip instead, click!

    04 Nov 2004, 13:19

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