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October 03, 2004

Mr Eyebrows

Does anyone find the image below (also located on the Warwick blogs homepage) ever so slightly disturbing?

It could just be me…

Strategic thinking, me?! I don't think so…

Have just got back from seeing Matty at Rococo, for hot chocolate and a game of GO. Had no idea what this GO was when I turned up and I can't say I'm an expert on it now… still it was certainly 'interesting'. Its a game of strategy in essence, which apparently I should be good at because I did A level Maths…psssh is all I can say to that. The maths a level I did certainly didn't involve much startegy or logic (but then I did only get a C so maybe thats what I was missing?!) Either way, I wasn't overly enthralled by Matty's description of it. Nevertheless I endeavoured to play it, with varying degrees of success… I wasnt losing too badly when it came time for Matty to leave but I think it will take a bit more practice for me to fully understand it. According to my non-logical brain, I have decided that GO is a sort of cross between chess, connect 4 and noughts and crosses…. which has probably left you feeling even more confused than I am!!

Anyway apologies for probably having bored your socks off… but you chose to carry on reading mwahaha. May write later, depends on how "inspired" I'm feeling.
Until then… adios amigos
Ally x


Hiding behind these words
Is easier than I thought.
If you read between the lines
You wonít see the pain Iíve felt;
Thatís not the lie youíve bought.
In my creative haze,
I spin my webs with ease;
Cocoon myself inside a hollow make believe.
Stanza after stanza
Bleed from my black heart
But still the poison of my memories
Refuses to leave.
Tired of talking, the silence killing me
I canít find a relief.
Abhorred for giving my testimony,
It takes all that I have to remember to breathe.

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