October 22, 2004

Not A Poet

Hrm, just wanted to explain the poetry that I put up really. I apologise if anyone finds it boring, or worse still depressing… that's not really the intention in posting them. Just thought I'd share some of what I consider to be my better poems (I've written some truly shocking pieces in my time… ah crap now it sounds like I think my poetry is good… erm note to self – stop typing). Ok so this has turned into a ramble.

Basically, I don't do funny or thought provoking… but sometimes I do do poetry. That's about it really. x


Fading in and out of consciousness
the light burning through my half open eyes
i stuggle to breathe,
at the mercy of a stranger's hold on me.
As fingers increase their grip
and my lungs collapse in defeat,
in a moment of horror
i realise that my own hands
are asphyxiating me.

October 21, 2004

Can you read this?

Contrary to what the title of this entry suggests, this is not a test entry, or even a test of your reading ability, but it is in fact a cleverly disguised rant. Here's my problem – philosophers seem unable to use any normal font size, preferring instead to write in the smallest print possible, in what I can only assume is a vain attempt at making their arguments look more substantial than they actually are. Now I don't have a problem with the substance of thier writings but I'd like to be able to concentrate on it for more than a couple of paragraphs at a time without straining my eyes! It could just be me, given my appalling eyesight (which has been considerably diminished following last week's operation) – if so feel free to ignore the above ramblings, but surely there must be some of you out there who have similar difficulties?!
Ah well, I'd better go and finish reading Moore… Now where did I put my magnifying glass?!...

October 04, 2004

Peter Woods Thinks I'm A Loser

Well as the title suggests, Peter Woods thinks I'm a loser. Which I personally don't have a problem with, but just in case there are those of you out there reading this who don't associate with losers like myself, I suggest you stop reading now. And go and read Peter's witty, informative and enlightening blog :)

Ally x

Privatio Boni

I am lost in this emptiness
In the middle of nowhere
Suffocating in my solitude.
At this point in time
I am a blank
Leaving nothing to the imagination
For there is nothing there.
Alone with my thoughts
I learn nothing about myself
I can only confirm
My own preconceived notion
That I am worthless.
Once long ago, before my hope died
I tried to escape from myself
But only succeeded in failing.
The flashes of light
That sometimes penetrate the darkness
Only seek to heighten my remorse
Reminding me of what I have lost
And what I have become.

October 03, 2004

Mr Eyebrows

Does anyone find the image below (also located on the Warwick blogs homepage) ever so slightly disturbing?

It could just be me…

Strategic thinking, me?! I don't think so…

Have just got back from seeing Matty at Rococo, for hot chocolate and a game of GO. Had no idea what this GO was when I turned up and I can't say I'm an expert on it now… still it was certainly 'interesting'. Its a game of strategy in essence, which apparently I should be good at because I did A level Maths…psssh is all I can say to that. The maths a level I did certainly didn't involve much startegy or logic (but then I did only get a C so maybe thats what I was missing?!) Either way, I wasn't overly enthralled by Matty's description of it. Nevertheless I endeavoured to play it, with varying degrees of success… I wasnt losing too badly when it came time for Matty to leave but I think it will take a bit more practice for me to fully understand it. According to my non-logical brain, I have decided that GO is a sort of cross between chess, connect 4 and noughts and crosses…. which has probably left you feeling even more confused than I am!!

Anyway apologies for probably having bored your socks off… but you chose to carry on reading mwahaha. May write later, depends on how "inspired" I'm feeling.
Until then… adios amigos
Ally x


Hiding behind these words
Is easier than I thought.
If you read between the lines
You wonít see the pain Iíve felt;
Thatís not the lie youíve bought.
In my creative haze,
I spin my webs with ease;
Cocoon myself inside a hollow make believe.
Stanza after stanza
Bleed from my black heart
But still the poison of my memories
Refuses to leave.
Tired of talking, the silence killing me
I canít find a relief.
Abhorred for giving my testimony,
It takes all that I have to remember to breathe.

October 01, 2004

Top Banana

Now I know you're all thinking that top banana was on monday, which currently seems light years ago, but I was just wondering if anyone had any tips on what sort of time to arrive to get in at a REASONABLE hour. Last monday i made the somewhat fatal error of turning up at 8.30, with the mistaken belief that the queue wouldn't be that bad. My was I mistaken. I queued for 3 hours, which I don't care to repeat this time around. So, to those of you who managed to get in before midnight… what did you do?! (I dont have a gold card so that option is ruled out by the way)
Ally x

September 30, 2004


You are my kleptomaniac, my control freak
You steal myself esteem
And turn my strengths into weaknesses.
Insomnia leads me into burnt out skies
Where I sit with you til morning
And watch the old stars die.
You blind me with your travesty
I canít help but cry incessantly
At the curses and insults
Falling from your mouth and lips
That I caress.
Iím waiting for you to destroy me
So that I can be reborn
And you will be my phoenix
That carries me
On wings of burning red
And takes me to a heaven
Where I can be free from all my imperfection

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