January 22, 2007

Anti–ageing cream…

I heard a funny story yesterday…ok, well i found it so…. So an elderly lady made the profound statement that she’s applied anti-wrinkle cream with the same hand for 40 years, and yet when comparing her hands, they’re both as damn wrinkly as each other!!!!.... :-)

July 31, 2006

A Hum doozy….

OK, so I'm not watching big brother this year, but it's hard not to get sucked into knowing a little bit about it….so basically I was having an interesting conversation with Helen the other day about what will happen after the winner is announced. So, I think I'm right in saying that Pete (the guy with Tourette's) is pretty certain to win. So the question that arose is….will/should he be allowed to give the usual live interviews on day–time tv, like all the other winners in the past?.....the obvious answer is yes of course he should. But what about tv standards – i'm meaning watershed issues. Surely there'll be lots of horrified people complaining about him randomly swearing live on daytime tv. But then, surely u can't discriminate due to illness. An interesting one, and one that tv standards agencies surely can't win, no matter which way they decide…. thoughts?

March 13, 2006

Da Vinci Cod

So Dan Brown is being sued for copying from these two guys who wrote a book ages ago? That right? Now, I'm no lawyer or historian, but surely by suggesting that he stole their idea they are also suggesting that they made it up in the first place?? I haven't read their book, but I presume it tries to persuade that the whole Jesus and Mary Magdalene sex scandal is 'fact'. In which case they can't own the idea can they? Isn't that a bit like a scientist saying, "I did this research but u can't write about it even if u reference me (which Brown does in his book)?".......i'm sure i must have missed the point….

January 17, 2006


Went to top-b last night. Oh dear. It really isn't like the old days is it? I know I'm in fear of becoming a grumpy old man, but I don't care. Club-styleeee music (sorry I'm not up with the terminology like trance and the such like – loser I know – but surely a garage is something for a car and a house is somewhere for people to live?) just isn't top-b. It has a time and a place i agree, but top b is cheese? Yes?!....

Anyway – quote of the night goes to me…." Ah yes…cryfield 3 thats the one with a CH3 sign – a methyl group….".....once again – the word loser springs to mind. Also had a 'hilarious' (one of those you had to be there moments) conversation with my housemate in reference to said quote walking to work this morning….something about water being the most terrible of housemates – such a bipolar personality…. my god….how sad are we?

December 07, 2005

Reality gone mad!

Ok, so we've all watched them, and become embarrasingly addicted to them right? I'm talking about those annoyingly addictive reality tv shows like 'Big Brother' and 'I'm a Celebrity'...Well this year I thought of a clever twist to put the sparkle back into these rather dwindling so-called 'intriguining insights into real-life'.

Here's the deal – Take your 10 randomly selected people from 'all walks of life', tell them they're going to be on tv 24/7 and one of them will be a big star when the come out. Then shove them in a small house with some fake cctv cameras, and leave them. Take one of them out every week and let them in on the prank. Clever? I think we should start a petition and send it to these reality tv companies and see what they say…

December 06, 2005

Introduction to me

OK, Iím new to all this malarkey, so please be gentle! Thisíll be a random collection of thoughts, vague opinions and stuff…quite a lot might seem irrelevant and boring, so sorry about that, but hopefully thereíll be something for everyone at some point!

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