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December 06, 2005

Introduction to me

OK, Iím new to all this malarkey, so please be gentle! Thisíll be a random collection of thoughts, vague opinions and stuff…quite a lot might seem irrelevant and boring, so sorry about that, but hopefully thereíll be something for everyone at some point!

November 21, 2005

Birmingham City v BWFC

Well how upsetting is this??? Just as I was about to settle down with my slice of pizza and blue WKD to see the mighty BWFC continue with their march towards the Champions League… my evening is ruined by our beautiful weather. I mean, when was a match last called off for FOG??? Hardly ever… of course, there was the famous DCFC v Burnley FA Cup 3rd Round replay back in 1992 that was abandoned with only 14 minutes left… but when else??? So why tonight??? Needless to say I'm now left aimlessly wandering with nothing to do all evening… grrrrr. But hey, I guess at least it gives the guys more of a rest before our trip to sunny Portugal on Thursday…

Which reminds me, I must put the photos from the Lokomotiv Plovdiv trip up here sometime… what a quality week that was!!! Let me just say another special thank-you to Alexander Tunchev… you probably provided one of the biggest cheers ever known in my time supporting BWFC… it almost, almost rivalled the 86th minute equaliser in the '95 play-off final against Reading… beautiful.