January 17, 2006


Went to top-b last night. Oh dear. It really isn't like the old days is it? I know I'm in fear of becoming a grumpy old man, but I don't care. Club-styleeee music (sorry I'm not up with the terminology like trance and the such like – loser I know – but surely a garage is something for a car and a house is somewhere for people to live?) just isn't top-b. It has a time and a place i agree, but top b is cheese? Yes?!....

Anyway – quote of the night goes to me…." Ah yes…cryfield 3 thats the one with a CH3 sign – a methyl group….".....once again – the word loser springs to mind. Also had a 'hilarious' (one of those you had to be there moments) conversation with my housemate in reference to said quote walking to work this morning….something about water being the most terrible of housemates – such a bipolar personality…. my god….how sad are we?

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  1. Carter


    Er, no, actually. just to clear this up again: Score is cheese, Top B is party music. Everyone comes, everyone has different taste in music. The Union's here for everyone.

    No, it's not like the old days anymore. Sorry!

    17 Jan 2006, 14:53

  2. I thought Score was music from the 80s and 90s? I always thought of Top B as cheese and party tunes (which i thought was the same thing as cheese).

    17 Jan 2006, 16:06

  3. To be honest, I think it's probably a very widespread conception that Top B is for cheese. I certainly haven't ever heard anyone else say otherwise.

    17 Jan 2006, 17:32

  4. Carter

    Yeah, it changed to move with the times. This happened about a year ago. Score's now the Cheese night.

    17 Jan 2006, 18:33

  5. Paul Hunter

    Well bugger me, and slap me with a kipper. Top b no longer cheesy? Does this mean that only 'sports people' are allowed to 'enjoy' cheese music? And before you tell me that 'anyone can go to score', let's face it – unless you're part of a 'circle' you ain't invited….Also, does this mean that the price of cheese has sky-rocketed infinite percent from £0 on a monday to £2 (NUS)?!!!....ridiculous.

    18 Jan 2006, 16:36

  6. "Changed to move with the times"? Err…as far as I knew, cheese music hadn't gone anywhere, so why the removal of it from Top B? There are other nights for every other genre of music, and Score is definitely a sports 'circle' thing and probably always will be.

    19 Jan 2006, 00:03

  7. Hello Paul – I think you're the right one anyway? I'm Eilish and I worked in your lab over the summer! Coming back to bother you all again soon for the third year project. Hope your phd is going well! Feel free to delete this if you're not the Paul I'm thinking of and have nooo idea who I am…

    20 Jan 2006, 22:10

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