June 26, 2005


Great moments in human history are often meant to be accompanied by dramatic and unanticipated meteorological events.

A comet was apparently seen rocketing through the sky in the build up to the Battle of Hastings. The death or birth of prophets is sometimes rumoured to be accompanied by the sun suddenly darkening, an earthquake shaking some city to its very foundations or the veil of a temple somewhere being “rent in twain” (which is a phrase we really should use more often),

These profoundly unnatural phenomena are taken to be omens portending great change. They are prophetic signs from on high!!!

This is why I was a little taken aback at the unmitigated devastation, carnage, and destruction that accompanied the end of this academic year, the finale of this tumultuous 12 months, and the last death gurgle of our crumbling Sabbatical regime.

Anyone who was within a few miles of campus on Friday will have experienced the massive thunderstorm that hit us and the furious downpour that followed. Many of you will have been fighting with the resulting floods. Here are a few extra stories you might have missed though:

  • The water main on campus burst causing the complete loss of the campus water supply for the whole of Saturday, spewing up a torrent of mud onto the road and boulevard near University House, flooding the atrium and several other places around campus, and requiring the complete shutdown the Union, Varsity, and various University outlets. link

  • Coventry was hit by an actual tornado!! link

Thinking about all this I am faced with two possible theories:
(a) someone on high is really going to miss this Sabb team
(b) someone on high is delighted that we’re nearly gone

A third has since been suggested to me:
(c) I’m a complete ego-maniac searching desperately for validation and recognition and actually none of these crazy events had anything to do with the end of term


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  1. Gavin Henson

    So is this Kat Stark's blog now instead?????

    If it's not maybe it should be changed so it is to avoid confusion, or if she doesn't want it it should be deleted or renamed.

    18 Jul 2005, 11:16

  2. Woah there Gavin!!! – I'm still President until July 31st.

    At that time though I'll ask IT Services to change ownership of the Blog to Kat so that she can continue to update date it over the coming year.

    18 Jul 2005, 12:12

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