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February 16, 2005


I think getting the little things right is really important.

The Union spends a lot of time campaigning on the ‘big issues’ that effect our students (tuition fees, library core texts, exam timetables, buses etc…) however it often takes an excruciating amount of time to make progress in these areas… also if we’re honest these aren’t always the issues that really get under people’s skin.

People get pissed off when tiny little things they take for granted don’t work as well as they should. On the other hand a nice smile from someone serving you in a shop, or somebody waiting an extra second just to hold a door open for you can leave you in a good mood for the rest of the day.

I guess a positive or negative experience is really just a combination of lots of tiny little experiences. Cumulatively they can make the difference between a place seeming nice, or looking a mess, and between your day being bareable or being a pain. Of course the other beauty of ‘the little things’ is that they’re relatively easy to put right.

So, People of the Blogs, I want your feedback. Unleash your pent up rage and tell me:


Ask your friends and get them involved too.

Here are my two biggest pet hates (besides the wobbly tables in Cholo – which I swear we’ll fix as soon as we’ve got the money!) to get you started:

1. The Purple Gravel Outside Humanities
What the hell is this about?!? It gets everywhere!! It looks hideous!! Why do it? What’s wrong with grass? Grass is green, soft, and easy on the eye. In fact I’m going out on a limb here and say that grass is pretty much a timeless classic. Purple gravel on the other hand?… not so much.

2. Tocil Desks
The desks in Tocil bedrooms are attached directly onto the wall with no gap down the back of them. This means that all the wires and cables for your computer, or stereo, can’t be hidden away round the back but have to be pilled higeldy pigeldy on top of the desk and even in some cases come over the front of it in order to reach a socket. Aaarrghhh!!!

I’m going to have to stop typing now – I’ve become too angry.

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