April 10, 2007

GRAND FINAL (16TH APR 2007, BBC2, 8:00PM)

Hi there webloggers!

We have achieved the nearly impossible – even Jeremy Paxman was aghast when we beat UCL so comprehensively after their commanding performances in the previous round.

Actually, the UCL team were the closest we had to UC buddies: we met them in the hotel after they had won their first match in June, and watched (and congratulated) both their victories in the subsequent two rounds. In the twist of fate we had to meet them face-to-face and were completely surprised to come out the better.

The crowd in the audience were the same as the first semi-final (Manchester v Durham) and about 90% were supporting the victorious home team. Most of these cheered on Warwick voraciously as they presumed that we would make weaker opponents against Manchester, until we raced into a 110-point lead – the Warwick supporters made most of the noise afterwards.

Now next up is Manchester in the Grand Final (not called ‘cos you win a grand) – but oh dear Bugadoo had run out of outfits to wear (and so had the rest of the team). So please tune in to the final scruffy instalment of one of the greatest TV quiz shows on British TV.

Make a date with destiny,


March 24, 2007

University Challenge: Warwick v Aberystwyth

Hi webloggers,

The next match is on:

Monday 26th March, 8:00pm, BBC2

I’ll be wearing my exceptionally dashing wedding suit.

Yours egoistically,


The aftermath… Warwick v UEA

Hi Everyone,

I’m sorry it has taken so long to update this blog. I have been living in a deep hole cringing with embarrasment from the celebrations I did at the end of the second round.

I wasn’t goading the UEA team in any way – we were utterly surprised we had won, and I guess my emotions poured out at the end (what wasn’t shown was my frustration every time UEA got a question right).

But, oh boy, what a comeback!!! 80 points down at one stage, and even my friends who knew the outcome beforehand were suspicious that I was not telling the truth.

Anyway, a little voice inside my head keeps repeating “Je ne regrette rien, Je ne regrette rien.”

Yours jubilantly,


February 21, 2007

Surely it will be on?

Writing about web page http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbctwo/listings/

University Challenge 2nd round on BBC2

February 11, 2007

University Challenge: Warwick v University of East Anglia

Hi webloggers!

Need to generate even more publicity!

The second round will be shown on Monday 26th February on BBC2 at 8:00pm.

I hope you can see me in my pyjamas, which Jeremy Paxman commented afterwards that “I have one just like that!”.

Yours egoistically,


November 30, 2006

University Challenge: Warwick vs Emmanuel Cambridge Screenshots

Handbag bonus
End of game
Who is that polar bear?

Weaver's Week: University Challenge report

Writing about web page http://www.ukgameshows.com/page/index.php/Weaver%27s_Week_2006-11-26

For a more objective view about the 1st round University Challenge match, please refer to the said website.

Updated every week, Iain Weaver ‘reviews the latest happenings in UK Game Show Land’, including University Challenge. I found this website a few months ago, and relished the thought of being mentioned in this column, especially for some of the deadpan quotes:

‘Warwick’s first correct answer is greeted with a little punching of the air. Oh dear. ‘

‘The first picture round is Name That Apparently Desirable Handbag.’

‘[Warwick] later suggest that Chamberlain was alive and publishing in 1975’

Also he makes me top scorer of the round, with 63 points, even though points are awarded as multiples of 5. Aren’t I good!


November 12, 2006

University Challenge: Warwick v Emmanuel College, Cambridge

Dear All,

Need to drum up more publicity.

See me on Monday 20th November @ 8:30pm on BBC2.

You know it make sense to watch it. It will be a hoot!

Yours egoistically,


October 22, 2006

Will be famous soon…

University Challenge 1st Round

Nuff said…


May 28, 2006


Writing about web page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leicester

Ever wanted to know what the largest city in the East Midlands is ?

Several months ago, the Wikipedia entry for entry for Leicester, UK, said it was 'the second-largest city in the East Midlands', the largest being Nottingham.

  • Fact: Leicester has a larger population than Nottingham.

  • Another (less important) fact: Leicester has a smaller area than Nottingham, so it is larger, but both are smaller than Derby (hence it is not a consistent definition of city size).

With this info belittling my home town I could not put up with this, so I changed the entry to 'the most populous city in the East Midlands'.

A few weeks later, I checked whether the entry had been edited again.

Leicester is now 'the largest city in the English East Midlands'.

Never again will we have to play second fiddle to Robin Hood city, Leicester is now the largest hence the most 'important' city in the English East Midlands; now the whole world can agree with that !!!


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