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December 20, 2007

My feedback

Hello all,

V. helpful feedback Ms. Read... I think I'm in agreement with all of it.

I was pleased with the work in progress performance. I feel like it did its job in that we now have some issues to attack, an idea of what we like aesthetically and how an audience may respond to the subject matter.

I absolutely know what you mean about it feeling like an extra layer is missing. I know we're fans of 'don't try too hard' theatre but at the moment I feel like we haven't got the depth that will make for a really engaging performance.

I think it may stem back to the fact that as yet, we're really not asking/attempting to answer any questions. Now that we have a whole load of material and vague ideas about what we want to do I think deciding on maybe two research questions will help us focus and enable a closer investigation.

I love the idea of multiple sites (theatrical and non-theatrical spaces) as a contributor to the notion of chaos... our research process has at times been extremely chaotic so maybe the choreography (I don't know what else to call it) could mimic this?

Multimedia- also love it. I'm actually not a fan of the little television screens though, they're just too small. I absolutely love the large projections and think there's real potential for live action to be performed simultaneously infront of them (the Woosters did this in 'Poor Theatre' oooo yeah)

OK, sometimes I feel I've been to vague, other times I've been way too specific and subjective. Ummm, yes, sorry about that. I'm going to add to this tomorrow when I am more prepared.

Til then x

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