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March 02, 2015

Studies.OutOfClass – 5P system

To say that i liked TedxWarwick event is to say absolutely nothing!!! I have never seen such high concentration of brilliant people and ideas in a single place and time. I really like to watch TED videos, but watching it live is something totaly different.
Coming back to serious things. One of the talks was about "Designing Universities That Work". It was about making students interested and involved in the study process, so they won't just study because they have to, but because they like the process. Hm, how it sounds close to the leadership theme I thought and started to create analogies in my mind. If we can look at tutor performing as a leader, then students could be considered as employees in a learning organisation. While creating this schemes in my head, speaker (Adair Richards) turned to the next slide with 5P system and I just froze with my eyes and mouth wide open.


During the week I was reading about different leadership theories like trait, skill, behaviour, contingency etc, trying to make appropriate combination and now I saw the perfect combination just in front of me!

When we had a task during module to create definition of leadership using existing best practicies, we all made great attempts, which were concluded by Paul's definition:Leadership is the process of influencing the thoughts and activities of followers towards achievement of shared goals.

Now i think I'm ready to give my own defenition, which I can really feel and believe in: Leadership is the process of influencing the thoughts and activities of followers which sparks passion and perseverance to achieving shared prioritized goals combining them into a big purpose.

That's how I see leadership from this very moment!!!

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