March 20, 2015

Studies.Basic – Killed passion

It has to take some time for me to have all emotions reduced so to switch my mind from system 1 to system 2 to make any valuable comments about presentation performance. For now I would like to analyse the working process, which have been happening during last working week.

It was a great idea to use several tools to underpin the decision making process such as SWOT, Decision Tree, Grid Analisys, & AHP. That made our team's results more weightened on one hand and gave a great opportunity to understand how they work, why they are used, and what are actual strngths and limitaions in comparing them.

Another thing that I got from the working process is that team shouldn't be just a sum of strong individuals, who make allocated tasks and then combine them into overall result. It has to be something more (that is why there are so many researches on corporate group responsibility in contemporary world as it is an important aspect in creating succsessful & profitable outcomes of an organsation).

Moreover, during most of modules we were taught that process of getting results is equally or sometimes is even more important comparing to results themselves. I can disagree with it now. Our team had a great process flow: wonderful understanding of goals, great team spirit, and proper task allocation. Unfortunatelly the outcome of this process was almost poorest I've had in the whole course. When such situations happen (outcomes don't show the process behind them) there are only two options (that's totally my subjective opinion):

  • to take everithing uner control personally (without 100% relying on anyone else)
  • make much less or no extra efforts (i mean working with passion) in further projects: only strictly do the required minimum of the task)

To conclude I would like to say that it was a great experince that showed that I still need to learn a lot about to not fall in such traps in future carrier.

March 13, 2015

Studies.Basic – Robustness


Before the beggining of RDM module I had a clear engeneering understanding of what acually robustnes is in technical systems: it is an ability of system to save the given inventory of stability in case of variations of its parameters caused by change of loading the object by internal or external environment. By usining Nyquist criterion it was easy to come up with a decision about wheather the system is robust or not.

This module showed that it is impossible to use such type of approach for robust desicion making in business systems, where much more factors have to be considered (especially human factor). During monday session I totally understood how bias is human factor and to what extent it can influence to the whole system to be robust or not. I is also interesting to mention that human factor can be devided into several parts like individual bias, group thinking bias and company level bias. All of them can strongly influence on the level of system (decision making) robustness.

To avoid that people designed some methodologies that can help businesses in making such kind of decisions according to particular consitions. Still there is a problem of understanding WHAT ACTUALLY THE CONDITIONS ARE. Gathering appropriate for the conditions information and getting rid of inrellevant is a tough process (need also to be robust).

So what I really understood, the there is only one tool that works in such type of systems - EXPERIENCE. Going thruogh decision making time after time can teach us how to reach the extent of making robust decisions.

March 02, 2015

Studies.OutOfClass – 5P system

To say that i liked TedxWarwick event is to say absolutely nothing!!! I have never seen such high concentration of brilliant people and ideas in a single place and time. I really like to watch TED videos, but watching it live is something totaly different.
Coming back to serious things. One of the talks was about "Designing Universities That Work". It was about making students interested and involved in the study process, so they won't just study because they have to, but because they like the process. Hm, how it sounds close to the leadership theme I thought and started to create analogies in my mind. If we can look at tutor performing as a leader, then students could be considered as employees in a learning organisation. While creating this schemes in my head, speaker (Adair Richards) turned to the next slide with 5P system and I just froze with my eyes and mouth wide open.


During the week I was reading about different leadership theories like trait, skill, behaviour, contingency etc, trying to make appropriate combination and now I saw the perfect combination just in front of me!

When we had a task during module to create definition of leadership using existing best practicies, we all made great attempts, which were concluded by Paul's definition:Leadership is the process of influencing the thoughts and activities of followers towards achievement of shared goals.

Now i think I'm ready to give my own defenition, which I can really feel and believe in: Leadership is the process of influencing the thoughts and activities of followers which sparks passion and perseverance to achieving shared prioritized goals combining them into a big purpose.

That's how I see leadership from this very moment!!!

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