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March 12, 2006

A Quiet Drink in the Grad…

Recently I and a friend went to The Graduate, the self proclaimed ‘Only pub on campus’. Amongst other things it was to escape the rag sponsored maiming of any kind of music policy at the end of term event (“and cue’d up we have Chesney Hawkes; some Swedish deathmetal; Outkast and if you give us that £10er- the mp3 you made of the sounds of screaming”). Anyway I digress…

The Graduate… picture it: real ale on tap, hand pulled pints, quiz machine lights seductively flashing, luxuriant leather sofas or intimate little tables, easy on the eye colours. Its quite easy to imagine how the tradition of a ‘Quiet one in the grad’ can stretch on for hours, as the participants cares dissolve into the cheery atmosphere.

However our evening was intruded upon by ‘relaxing, mood music’ piped in at a level nearing that of stadium rock. Live bands in the grad is one thing, even competent DJ’s warming up the room before a pub quiz [incidentally Neil Faraday’s Superior Pub Quiz will be there from 8 on Monday night. I am an intellectual fishfingerl], but the bar staff’s choice of music at club levels did absolutely nothing to improve the pub experience. Indeed at several points during the evening I could not actually make out what my companion was saying over the enforced ambience.

Sadly this sort of musical infraction is becoming all too common and quiet taverns are now scarce in any kind of urbanised areas. However, I would be interested to know whether anyone else thinks there is too much of this peaceful drinking eradication on campus at night?

December 01, 2005

Theres an angel screwing with my head


September 08, 2005

News update

After the third day of labour ive prettymuch run out of logs and wood to saw, and have now mostyl organised and rationalised the woodshed. Other mannly functions i have achieved include solo getting mildly drunk and wearing a bandana in a useful way.

End report.

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