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August 01, 2006

Back In The Black

Well; its been a while folks….

Anyway if you're reading this i assume you're either A) some uber–disciple of mine who checks this regulary and has continually been disappointed by the lack of updates, one of my 'friends' who has seen my msn name if i do mention it on there once ive finished C) God getting the dirt on me.

From the looks of the last post i haven't used this in several months. I think i must have been in a fit of mental–pique. I can't exactly place what caused this but the New computer desk spoken of was prompted by wine being spilt on and around my laptop whilst i was in a cage of drunken emotion. I think that last entry must have caught me on the downside of the psychological rollercoaster that featured the drunkenness and emotion. I would like to think that i am better now, various mental gears have shifted and whole new synchromeshes of psyche have been achieved. I'm still likely to be up and down like a yo–yo at times, but not so often.

Anyways, i digress. I thin that the primary reason for starting this up again is to give me an output to a potentially wide audience. Be it ranting (god i've missed just going off on one and posting it), hopefully some creative writing, trying to record my life in a way that people actually want to read and i guess i'll figure out the other uses…..

I'm not sure how this thing can work in any real conjuction with Facebook but i'm sure there must be a way.

Things that have gone on in my life since i last posted here are several and mildy deviated. I moved away from rag and tried to concentrate on my degreee. I made a new friend. I took some exams. I became closer to several people without the distraction of society life or its pecking order. I went on canalboat holiday. I visited Pete, and was visited by Emma. I moved out of our 2nd year house and signed a contract for a scrumptious new house in coventry with 2 of the best guys from my first year. I've done quite a lot of drivig, some long, some important, much late at night and most fast. I also acquired broadband.

Now we are in the dark days of the holidays so i see few friends on a regular basis. I await the edinburgh festival, some form of travel with Tash and hopefully some visits to friends or i will die from cabin fever (i made the mistake of looking for a job far too late in to summer and now have none).

This is all for now. Will report again soon, hopefully.


December 01, 2005

Theres an angel screwing with my head


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