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September 21, 2005

[Student house #231] aka 61 rushmore st

Well this is my fourth day of being in my new property (affectionate nickname as yet undecided), and i think i am almost on top of making it inhabitable.

Corrections that have been made so far include: Back yard cleared of rubbish, scrubbed and swept, kitchen floor washed and scrubbed, tv and video set up with adapted aerial cable connector, guttering cleared out, new fridge installed, work surfaces and walls cleaned, windows washed, wasps nest reported to warwick accommodation; and many smaller works.

Still to do i have floors to hoover, shelves to put up, foodstuffs to put away, stubborn lichen and algae to chemically remove from the outdoor slabs, and a potted back garden to create; plus many smaller works.

Good thing i'm a masochist when i want to be :D

September 08, 2005

Day of nothing

Today i have done nothing very constructive; spent the day piecing together a jigsaw puzzle with my mother and nan and have done prettymuch nothing else. My dad stole my car whilst his was in for an MOT and none of my friends near me wanted to do anything. Home suxxors. Role on warwick.

Current Task: This blog and looking for a back way [roadwise] into leamington to avoid the trafficy smeg

News update

After the third day of labour ive prettymuch run out of logs and wood to saw, and have now mostyl organised and rationalised the woodshed. Other mannly functions i have achieved include solo getting mildly drunk and wearing a bandana in a useful way.

End report.

September 06, 2005

"In just seven days i can make you a man

Although unlike the gorgeous Tim Curry/Dr Frankenfurter in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, I will be making this man out of myself and not other people/genetic engineering…

Yes, I am aiming to make myself a more masculine man for the return to uni. Indeed it has already been said that i have the body of a teenage Adonis, but they'll never find where ive stashed it!

This program of mannification majorly consists of spending entire days sawing trees up ready for firewood, reorganising our quite large garden and visiting my old form tutor to discuss being Men; however to make me a Real Man i shall also minor in whores/casual sex, cigar smoking and brandy drinking.

Well the tree chopping up is going well at least ;) ( ishould have a phjoto of me doing my arnie style carrying a log on my shoulder bit soon.

September 03, 2005

a note on punctuation

I have just been reading a most interesting comedic and thought provoking book entitled The British Museum Is Falling Down the main plot feature of this is the story of a practising catholic couple and their struggle with Natural Law or as some in the book refer to it Vatican Roulette and the normal human urges but one of the most noteworthy sections is a few pages of the wife's thoughts as she awaits for the gentle embrace of sleep like this paragraph which i expect has killed some by now this section features no punctuation at all it being entirely her train of thought uninterupted as it would be in the human mind this is one of the most interesting uses of writing i have found for a while and worthy i thought of a mention

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