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June 15, 2005


Follow-up to Facts you should know from I hate therefore I am

Hello. Firstly on a serious note i have a few more points about why i am a complete poo to add to the reasons from before

  • I never realise what i have or how precious something is until ive lost it
  • Sometimes i say things without thinking and these things are really hurtfull
  • I make people lose The Game a lot
  • I cause those around me to become depressed

Right. Now for the meat of this blog. Recently i was a complete twat. I said something, which made someone else very sad, which made me sad; which is the state i am in now. Now where antibiotics or lithium are not available, laughter is said to be the best medicine. Therefore make me better and able to get back fully into hating all of you, by telling me a joke.

Tell me your best joke; Go on. I dares ya.

June 13, 2005

Facts you should know

I feel we're at a special point in our relationship, and its probably the time to tell you some hometruthes about Me

1. I am not a nice person; i heat my home by burning small children.

2. Often i can have violent moodswings which leaves me hating everyone within a 10 metre radius where as previously i'd have gone to bed with them at a pinch.

3 If you are a lady i will have looked at your chest. Its a natural reflex. I'm looking right now infact.

4. I often do'nt shave aand then i look like jack the ripper.

5. I wouldn't think twice about stealing you're wallet or possibly your scalp

6. I make rude, foul and graphically disturbing joke

7. Paul is a twofaced scumwanker

8. When claiming to be a friend i havr on more than one occasion been sued under the Trades Descriptions act

9. I want to dissolve all those who display public signs of affection, in vats of sulphuric acid; whilst playing cliff richard records at high volume

10. I like to march around in a nazi uniform whilst worshipping Belzeebub.

June 07, 2005


I left half a cheesecake in the fridge. Anyone who had wanted a slice was welcome to have asked. However one person (and i am pretty sure it was one of the 3 usual suspects) was enough of a selfish cunt to have taken not only the whole haldf cheesecake but the caketim bottom it was on meaning i cannot make another until i get it back. Aren't some people unsociable, degenerate arseheads?

June 02, 2005


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