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November 21, 2005

open the account for the year

So I've been a little late with starting the blog again this year, but hell thats just how it is. Sometimes life is more important than this?

Mainly really writing again to get things sorted in my head. Late night rant anyone?

Ever had that feeling when you just feel completely isolated to everyone else? Just feel like there is only you and if you vanished tomorrow noone would notice? Thats how I feel at the moment.

Break ups, and ex's – replaced within moments? How can everyone replace eachother so quickly? It seems I can be replaced faster than anyone else! A break up and within days with someone else, a matter of hours is more essential than days. Maybe not even 72! am I that bad?

Friendship? Right now housemates seems a frightful optimisitic. Housepersons possibly? Thats all it seems to have become.

I live with people seems to be a stark contrast from what it was in the first place. Did these people even want to live with me in the first place? Now it seems they cant wait to get out of the room when I'm there? Stupid Paranoia? Do I do something to make them uncomfortable? what is it? Am I merely overthinking or does the fact I could go missing and not leave my room for a day and not be noticed gone mean nothing?

Its tempting it really is just to run away. See how long it takes for someone to notice I'm gone. I bet I could be gone days before someone even thought "I wonder where that guy we live with has gone"

Everyone else seems to have it easier, where have I gone wrong?

Alone… not even the half of it!!


June 05, 2005

Exam Stress

It affects us all in different ways… My last exam is tomorrow morning, and I have now washed clothes, and returned to normal!

Was a few scary days though last week!

May 24, 2005

Whats that i hear? You need help remembering the fundamentals of Personality Theory!?


Using my great lyrical mind I have constructed an almost flawless (yeah right) version of Rock the Casbah explaining everything you need to know to get through Ian Morely's Personality Module!

The words dont always fit perfectly, but I am on kinda a tight budget ok!

now freud told his young boys
that ya fancy ya maaaaaaam…
dont let ure dad find out now
or he'll chop ure penis ooooooof
and as for alll the feeemales
its electra all the way
you'll get over penis envy
just dont fixate on the way

Eyesenck didnt like it
Fuck the Unconscious,
Fuck the unconcsious x2

by order of his father
Eyesenk got to wooooooooork
the problem is quite simple
ignore that crazy sex mad hoooound
now the parents they program – the genes inside their son
and your surroundings bring out your predisposition
but poor old Eyesenk the research was bare
and he began to waaaaaaaail

cus Brody doesnt like it
your research is wrong
your research is wrong! x2

now over to canttell
o he really got it wrong
first order is the rule
second order just ignooooore
but as research changed direction
cantell came under fire
his traits began to fail
and those crazy ideeeas failed!

The 16 pf questionnaire
It was bollocks
It was bollocks

Best of luck for tomorrow guyz n galz!

May 21, 2005

A weekend without West Brom

I know theres the 3rd division playoffs, and the FA Cup final, but I'm already missing the away trips and the atmosphere at home. I cant watch football on TV, im too bad at it… I start shouting things, and if I have to make do with the radio I'm terrible…

I would go and watch the cup final, but I really don't have much interest in it. Neither side has valued it, played understrength teams throughout it, and there is no underdog. Now they treat is as though its a massive achievement, fielding weakened squads in the final few games of the league (although it allowed us to snatch a point at Old Trafford – which ultimately kept us in the race for survival). Both sides have qualified for Europe, so their isnt a great deal at stake, not even financially. Granted, it gives both sides the oppertunity to please their fans by winning some silverware this season, but aside from a great day out for the fans is it really that great a feeling? Man Utd and Arsenal fans are used to winning the League and winning in Europe (well Man Utd's fans are) The FA Cup no longer goes to the best side in the country, just the side that has overcome the challenge of lower league opposition with understrength sides.

If only Exeter had put away that chance at Old Trafford it could be a very different story. The only final I've been interested in lately was the Millwall-Utd one, and poss. the S'ton-Arsenal one. I'm a West Brom fan, I like the underdog… this year's doesn't interest me at all.

Oh and while im on the topic, I hope AC Milan beat Liverpool in the Champs League in the coming days. Rafa Benitez disrespected the true value of the FA Cup with his team at Burnley and then devalued it with his post-match comments. Hopefully we will see the underdogs of Merseyside in the champions league next season, and not a bunch of foriegners, claiming to be Liverpool!

May 19, 2005

All Change Please… All Change

Who would have thought a routine Virgin Trains trip would inspire me to change my blog, and once again become part of the cutting edge of the blog community…

Time to get involved… afterall what else am I going to do in my room all day… revise pfft

March 29, 2005

Ugliest Football Fans?!

The Sun did a survey a few years ago as to which team in the country had the ugliest and worst dressed fans…Sadly my true love West Bromwich Albion were voted the ugliest n worst dressed fans in the country…

Now i reckon its time those ratings were changed… and i will be posting ugly fans over the next few weeks!

This is the first contender, care of the BBC site…

League 1 high fliers – Luton Town… at least the people on the pitch are serving up something a bit more pleasing to the eye than what lies off it!

March 27, 2005

for Vicky G

As all of you know, Vicky G and I are friends in benefactors… but friends with privilidges, mainly sexual. The girl has a mouth like a dyson :p – she wont mind me saying that as she loves the compliment!

however, my rampant friend has one flaw of late!!

the girl who apparently likes Alan Partridge has failed to answer her phone on 4 seperate occasions now when i have rang her with the comedic intent to call her a fat cow and hang up!


March 24, 2005

Have we put the clocks forward?!

Sat in the library reading about Ebbinghaus and Frederic Bartlett… all kinds of connections should be firing in my brain ready to compare them in the essay (bit of a psychology joke in there… spot it ;-))

and the only thing i notice is my laptop and phone are an hour behind the library clock.

Ive been working off my phone clock all day… is it 2–45 now or 3–45 thats the big question as it has a massive bearing on the amount of traffic i expect to have to put up with!

March 21, 2005

Where the fuck is Brenda?

Ok before we start Im not a necropheliac, and im not sitting around waiting for an old woman to come and pleasure me.

Quite the usual, Brenda is the name of my laptop, or at least my new one when it arrives. Ive ordered it, and knowing i like to leave the house once in a while I paid an extra bit of cash for next day delivery to save me having to wait in the house all day for 4 days just incase it comes.

Well… I ordered it Wednesday and got a call on Thursday saying it will arrive between 9 and 5–30 on Friday. at 8–30 the door goes… a man with a van and a clip board… sign here mate gives me a leaflet and an envelope containing the warranty and fucks off. No Laptop.

I phone the company and some Indian voice "split delivery mate, no worries will be there for 5 o'clock" 5 O'clock comes and I phone them back "still isn't here... where is it?" same Indian voice "be there by 5-30 mate" and hangs up.

Come 6 its still not here… and the office is shut for the weekend. I email and recieve no reply on Monday and call up about 9–30 "hi, where is it" and after about 10mins on hold a little old lady (annoyed, I couldnt shout and abuse her) "its been delivered" _"no it fucking aint sunshine"_ "oh ok. yes its down for delivery today" _"nice to see its next day delivery then.. only what 4 days late"_ "sorry hun"…. yeah that makes it better.

I needed the laptop for some work i was doing away this weekend, so now im swamped with work, and at 12 o'clock monday… the laptop that should have arrived at 11 today like i was informed, has it come?

has it bollox

March 08, 2005

My 3 Favourite Words

Lacking the time at present to have an imagination, im just going to steal things off other peoples blogs. And as ever my source of whimsy Miss Victoria Sara (not a typo, she does spell it like a moron) Galloway, has popped up with this little trend.

So my 3 favourite words:

(1) Kunt

Still carries the same venom in everyday use as its more disgustingly spelt alter-ego c*nt. Personally I prefer to use this one purely because it rolls off the tongue and has much flexibility. It can be used in a variety of different forms:

noun "you daft kunt" (a form of abuse or endearment)
adjective "you kuntin' fool" (as a replacement to its more popular cousin f*ck)
verb "I was absolutely kunted" (let you work out your own meanings for it)

(2) Dichotomy

A word which litters my psychology essays from start to finish. Dichotomy is hardly used by other members of the Benefactors crew, and personally i find this a massive disappointment. Having struggled to explain to several of them what it actually means, i feel they have no excuse. Especially since I used the phrase:
"I dunno what it bloody means, I just know when to bloodywell use it"

(3) Cafuffle

I know its not a word of my own creation. And i know its not original. But Little Britain thrust (another kewl word…yes I am a Freudian) this word upon me and I try to use it whenever I can to describe an arkward situation!

March 02, 2005

Regret No. 1

Ever fancied ordering pizza at midnight, the perfect way to sustain an all night cramming session? Well this was shared by me and 3 other people last night, and around 12–30 the DeMaggios man arrived with 4 supersized pizzas (Buy one get one free).

Turned out that due to other peoples vegetarian diets and other preferences we had 2 Margheritas, a Mexicano (very spicey) and a Kebab Special…

Now eating a pizza covered in chilli sauce and donnor meat, along with one covered in spicy jalapino peppers is not a good idea at 1am. Although the taste can only be described as lush the morning effects arent!

The phrases "ring of fire" and "could shit through the eye of a needle" come to mind… I dont think my arse has ever hurt so much… how to gay people do it?!

February 23, 2005

Again At The Risk Of Jumping On The Bandwagon

Writing about web page http://quizilla.com/users/unenlightened1/quizzes/Which%20Benefactors%20Member%20Should%20You%20Try%20To%20Get%20Your%20Leg%20Over%3F

I have made a quiz…

There are loads of errors in it and it doesnt give brilliantly accurate answers, but you seem to do everyone elses so….


Its also set as a related web page… thats as good as i can do!

You Know You've Grown Up In The 90s When…

Ok, ive slacked off for a week or so on the Blogging front, but thats only because Ive actually had work (well West Brom matches) to go to… but it did give me time to think up a few things to add… give it a few days!

Anyway, at the risk of sounding horribly stereotyped (something anyone who knows me is terribly out of character for me :-S) here goes… We all practically grew up in the 90s and theres deffinitly a few memories we all have!

So.. you know you grew up in the 90s because…

1) You owned or were secretly jealous of your sister's PollyPocket

2) You built the Blue Peter Tracey Island (Or if hardcore, sent in for a badge)

3) You associate "another one bites the dust" with foam hands and Gladiators!!!

4) You watched sexual innuendo filled childrens TV and it all went over your head.

5) You know the theme tunes to Power Rangers and Transformers but nothing by Mozart.

6) You owned a horribly coloured shell suit, and would never sit too near the fire in it.

7) You owned a pair of LA Lights trainers, you know the ones, with the flashing lights in the back!!!

8) You owned a pair of pump up trainers, with the little air pump in the tongue!

9) You have been a member of a Krazy Kids Gang while on a package holiday!

And Finally…

10) You know who Katrina & The Waves are, and tried to hide the bit of pride you got when they won Eurovision

February 12, 2005


Do you want to meet new people?

Do you want to share interests?

Do you generally want to have a good time?

MORE IMPORTANTLY Do you think British Comedy is the best in the world and want an excuse to get pissed every week and watch it?!

NOW IS THE TIME TO JOIN COGSoc... The Comedy Gold Society

"Im not only a member, im the President!"

All I need is 25 more people to join to make it an official society… that way i get money to spend on alcohol to share with you guys at meetings, its just that simple… you scratch my back, ill get you pissed

February 11, 2005

How To Look Cool In The Varsity!

Given we are no longer allowed in any clubs in the country due to outrageous behaviour (ok, so i lie, we were just too lazy to go anywhere in partic) the Benefactors Thursday Night Bar Representation Society decided to head to Varsity. However there was one minor problem… Unlike normal I (the only male in the picture… hard to tell which is which, but I did an excellent image of my physique to assist) was unable to drink due to medication, meaning no self-embarrassment, getting totally wrecked and then trying to convince JIll there is no God!

This week however, we took our coolness to new limits during our 45minute stay at the Varsity, which saw only 4 alcoholic drinks consumed between the 4 of us, one being by me… i had to get my moneys worth out of the free entry! We also changed positions around 5 times also! But found our home sat on the radiator by the windows in the corner…

How Cool Did We Look?
I think the image below answers that question!

February 10, 2005

10 Reasons Why Classics Is POINTLESS

continuing the debate that would run till the end of time, if it wasnt for the fact that soon someone will realise Classics is pointless and stop teaching it!

1 – It is just a way for people who couldnt cope with a real history degree to get into university!

2 – You have to learn Latin and/or Ancient Greek… why dont i just slit my wrists now!?

3 – They realised it was so pointless a subject they had to start making up stories to tell to drag it out for a whole 3yrs!

4 – My best estimate suggests within 5yrs every classical pot will be dug up so their will be no use for people who are trained to dig them up!

5 – You spend all your time looking at people who are dead and discussing things they said that even science in the middle ages proved was wrong!

6 – In psychology we have videos and photos, in classics u have 2D sketches and statues without arms!

7 – I can't think of anyone who could inspire me less in lectures than a person who has devoted their entire life, and even gained a pHD, in the study of pots and mythological stories!

8 – You have to rely on other better subjects like Psychology to put your subject to use, Oedipus Complex.

9 – You have to translate whole stories from one language to another, only to be bored shitless by them!

10 – You will never be able to do the subject properly as it requires full translations of all of Plato and Aristotle… and even a classics student must have better things to do with their life than that!!!

February 08, 2005

At the risk of loosing my spontaneous streak…

I went along with everyone else and did the mythical beast quiz

pretty much means the following:

"You're a phoenix. You can take anything from life and emerge none the worse for wear. Others admire you and are always chasing after you; whether or not you pay attention depends on your mood. Spontaneity is both a virtue and a vice in you. Your alignment is neutral, leaning slightly towards good."

Im chuffed :)

Inspired by Luke Blackwell's Fantastic Gary Doherty Song…

To the tune of "My old mans a dustman..."

O his Name is Bryan Robson,
and he's taken the Baggies down,
he thinks that he can manage,
but we'd do better with a clown.

He was a world class player,
of Man United fame,
but his failure at Bradford,
shud see him banned from the game.

Like David Platt at Forest,
He went back and he failed!
The day he got the West Brom job,
was the day we got derailed!

When he first took over results were bad,
but the team was fucking shite!
lost his first 3 games in charge,
…no points for a fortnight!

He sed the players were not his choice,
But noone seemed to care.
His stupid subs and tactics,
left fans tearing out their hair!

Oh he finally got his first player
Kev Campbell in Janu'ry,
and then a favour from Sir Alex,
and a youngster from Burnley!

Performances improved a lot,
but results, they stayed the same,
we probably would have had more points
if they were 80 minute games!!!

Fulham, Norwich, Pompey…
nil points instead of 3,
We could have been mid table
but were five points from safety!

Now with relegation looming
We regret the choice Peace made
If only Hoddle had got the job
In the Premier we could have stayed!

Im famous…

Well not really… but just a bit…

My match review got printed on the back of the Boar…

I know its not a massive achievement since the Boar is always limited as far as sports content is concerned, but hey Rome wasnt built in a day…(Vicky please confirm if im wrong :-p) … Romulus and Remus???

February 07, 2005

My Nerd Score

Probably something wrong here… but i think im the coolest person on the benefactors blogs circuit!!!

and what the hell is my IP???