March 03, 2006

The Learning grid

The learning grid is an odd place.

It might or might not be on central campus.

There are stand up internet terminals and invisible Nazis who move things after 30 mins

You are allowed hot drinks near the computers but not hot food.

There are always new friends in here even at 6am. Friends like mr pen and mr desk
It is friendly and warm the sort of place to find bunnies and paedophiles

Pictures on the walls are made of living electronic plastic and light up

Someone is asleep. He is wearing a nasty looking jersy

None of the mice work. Theyv'e all been used by sociologists. And Baal

I want food. Food wants me. We will get married

There are tables on wheels that look like minature alien robots

Ross Kemp designed the learning grid but threw it away for being too wussy. He designed it whilst he was ill and off form

The learning grid made me become 178.2% more effective and i wrote 2253 words that i didnt need to.

I need to go now as the chicken is coming to get me

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  1. I spent tonight in the Learning Grid with you, although I don't know who you are. I got very little done, but I did fall asleep in a grubby t-shirt.

    03 Mar 2006, 06:25

  2. Paul Mills

    Nah, This dude was ain a Jersy/Jerzy/woollen thing. I think the robot table monster aliens got him.


    03 Mar 2006, 07:22

  3. The Learnig Grid lulls me into a sweet sweet doze so I can learn in my sleep. Then blue shirted types wake me and force me to stare at the walls to stay awake.

    They should have Red Bull taps as well as hot and cold.

    03 Mar 2006, 11:06

  4. Awww…I love the grid in its slightly less distracting way than attempting to work at home…which inevitabley fails! Its like the upstairs bit in the arts centre, comfy, with tea, and a low buzz of noise that make it less stiffeling than the library but not as chaotic as the union…

    Paul I must also say I have fallen in love with your madness, keep it up! And nice Stargate reference…although it should have been spelt Ba'al…unless that wasn't what you were going for in which case I hang my head in shame…

    14 Mar 2006, 02:48

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