June 13, 2005

Facts you should know

I feel we're at a special point in our relationship, and its probably the time to tell you some hometruthes about Me

1. I am not a nice person; i heat my home by burning small children.

2. Often i can have violent moodswings which leaves me hating everyone within a 10 metre radius where as previously i'd have gone to bed with them at a pinch.

3 If you are a lady i will have looked at your chest. Its a natural reflex. I'm looking right now infact.

4. I often do'nt shave aand then i look like jack the ripper.

5. I wouldn't think twice about stealing you're wallet or possibly your scalp

6. I make rude, foul and graphically disturbing joke

7. Paul is a twofaced scumwanker

8. When claiming to be a friend i havr on more than one occasion been sued under the Trades Descriptions act

9. I want to dissolve all those who display public signs of affection, in vats of sulphuric acid; whilst playing cliff richard records at high volume

10. I like to march around in a nazi uniform whilst worshipping Belzeebub.

June 07, 2005


I left half a cheesecake in the fridge. Anyone who had wanted a slice was welcome to have asked. However one person (and i am pretty sure it was one of the 3 usual suspects) was enough of a selfish cunt to have taken not only the whole haldf cheesecake but the caketim bottom it was on meaning i cannot make another until i get it back. Aren't some people unsociable, degenerate arseheads?

June 02, 2005


May 28, 2005


I just found a secret room, ala secret area in a tombraider game, in engineering. It had free coffee and tea, with millions of stirrers, packets of sugar and those little milk cartons. Yay for discovery.

I also just failed ES1803 Energy Measurement and Control

Drown sorrows in piazza anyone?

May 20, 2005


“If I lose my temper, you're totalled man.”

May 17, 2005


"They didn't like me, they never liked me!

May 13, 2005

Blog socail meta refernece

I am at blog social. Sam just made James wet himself, via the medium of splashing a pint over his crotch. James deseved it as he poured mayonaise on sam earlier and said things about his mother.

Hiya other other Natalie – i dont think ive said hi yet

May 11, 2005

Off Campus Festering

Here’s a quick guide to how to totally loose 50 hours.

Thursday. Work variously at engineering projects such as a model dragster and modular laser death. Then, after a trip to the sweet warehouse with Doctor Love, move over to the arts centre for coffee and steamy hot social intercourse…..Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it. Then progress to have Spaghetti and a tramp style litre can of beer at Andy’s whilst locking one member of the group outside until capitulate and go buy more pasta. Anticipate the general elections result coverage and move to watch it at the students union; only to find that firstly the union in their infinite brilliance are only able to screen a greyscale and muted version, and if there was anything to hear you would not be able to due to the utter rubbishness that is a RAW live broadcast in the centre of Cholo. At kicking out time, persuade a friend of a friend to drive you and Julz to another friend’s house in Leamington and watch the elections there until they finish and both countdown and The Hoobs have been on. Mock Julz before sleeping

Sleep. Unknowingly disturb Tash when she wakes up to find a random person asleep on her sofa.

Friday. Wake up in a deserted seeming house. Look around for people. Fail. Start to clean up, call up to Nic about 3 times before getting an answer that she wants coffee. Take it up to find her still as good as asleep. Drop shoe in Julz’ coffee. Make a trip back to campus to pick up supplies. On the way back curse Leam’s hideous traffic. Attempt to hoover with a vacuum cleaner that some fool has removed the bag from. Have party, eat drink, do other stuff. Watch Julz give Becca some unwanted attention. Have post midnight tidying session with Matt. Go to sleep on floor with Steve on sofa and Julz lurking somewhere. Get woken up by Julz dropping Steve’s coat on my head and Steve on my body as he steals the sofa.

Saturday. Wake up. Do a lot more tidying and washing up (I have an ungodly obsession with washing up). Eat spare sausages and burgers. Fester on Sofa, under duvet with coffee. Watch Aladdin and Charlie and the Chocolate factory participate in an icing fight started by Tash, watch Julz loose. Team up with Steve in a tag team wrestling match for the remote (we’re men and so have a God-given right to the control, plus Tash cheated by walking on Steve’s spine). Hold an after-party where we clean more thoroughly than before and watch Dr Who. Get hair straightened and finally leave the immense pull of number 27.

Regret not having gone to the Goat Brothel as previously planned

April 24, 2005

My night – Immense

I had a good night at the union tonigh with several notable things occuring. However in my current intoxicated state, I do not trust myself to write aout them in a fair yet meaningful light.

Instead i wish to write about Ducks. These little bundles of feathers and emotion are without drunken doubt one of the best things on gods green earth. They are so cute in appearance yet interesting and significant in activity. we have 3 on our pond i dearly wish one of the males to leave and the remaingn pair to produce littler versions of themselves; or as a scientician would say Ducklets.
Discuss the awesomeness of ducks – Floating ones of Chaos or not.

April 21, 2005

Warwick Blogs

Writing about Stop posting your online quiz results from Dan Lawrence's Blog

I too share the same visual anallogy of the blogs as Dan, but i have a better picture of it.

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