October 07, 2005

Rag Officedom

Well here i sit, in Rag's little cubby hole in union north, cackling to myself and awaiting tonights festivities. Whilst i am here and i have my little sexilicious digital camera awaiting the chance to capture bloggers on film, i thought i would give you a small guide to the HQ and procrastination centre of Rag. By the way YOU SHOULD ALL JOIN RAG! IT'S ONLY £1, AND YOU DON'T NEED TO BE A MEMBER OF THE SOCIETIES FEDERTATION. YOU DO AS LITTLE OR AS MUCH AS YOU WANT, AND ITS A GOOD WAY FOR UNSOCIABLE TYPES, LIKE ME, TO MAKE FRIENDS.


Here we see the wall where so many dreams are started; various planned eutopias and Warwick Volunteers purges planned on the board (when the secretary hasn't hidden the pens to stop us writing on it), andf our efforts acknowlerdged in certificatey forms that the kinder charities send us. Also we have the student essentials of a coffee making device and an inflatable farm animal.


This is thwe action centre with the computer and phone which we fight for the rights to use (an exec of 14 with only 2 pieces of technology between them, must believe in survival of the fittest). Our measly window looking inthe U. North corridoor and recieving 3rd hand light. The flower Nicola made me on my day of ultimate depression (several entries ago). Also theres the note left by Tash when she broke into the locked office throught the window. And lots of other office krap.

Sorry if this bored you. I am now off to explore rootes bar and try find some of you. X

September 21, 2005

[Student house #231] aka 61 rushmore st

Well this is my fourth day of being in my new property (affectionate nickname as yet undecided), and i think i am almost on top of making it inhabitable.

Corrections that have been made so far include: Back yard cleared of rubbish, scrubbed and swept, kitchen floor washed and scrubbed, tv and video set up with adapted aerial cable connector, guttering cleared out, new fridge installed, work surfaces and walls cleaned, windows washed, wasps nest reported to warwick accommodation; and many smaller works.

Still to do i have floors to hoover, shelves to put up, foodstuffs to put away, stubborn lichen and algae to chemically remove from the outdoor slabs, and a potted back garden to create; plus many smaller works.

Good thing i'm a masochist when i want to be :D

September 08, 2005

Day of nothing

Today i have done nothing very constructive; spent the day piecing together a jigsaw puzzle with my mother and nan and have done prettymuch nothing else. My dad stole my car whilst his was in for an MOT and none of my friends near me wanted to do anything. Home suxxors. Role on warwick.

Current Task: This blog and looking for a back way [roadwise] into leamington to avoid the trafficy smeg

News update

After the third day of labour ive prettymuch run out of logs and wood to saw, and have now mostyl organised and rationalised the woodshed. Other mannly functions i have achieved include solo getting mildly drunk and wearing a bandana in a useful way.

End report.

September 06, 2005

"In just seven days i can make you a man

Although unlike the gorgeous Tim Curry/Dr Frankenfurter in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, I will be making this man out of myself and not other people/genetic engineering…

Yes, I am aiming to make myself a more masculine man for the return to uni. Indeed it has already been said that i have the body of a teenage Adonis, but they'll never find where ive stashed it!

This program of mannification majorly consists of spending entire days sawing trees up ready for firewood, reorganising our quite large garden and visiting my old form tutor to discuss being Men; however to make me a Real Man i shall also minor in whores/casual sex, cigar smoking and brandy drinking.

Well the tree chopping up is going well at least ;) ( ishould have a phjoto of me doing my arnie style carrying a log on my shoulder bit soon.

September 03, 2005

a note on punctuation

I have just been reading a most interesting comedic and thought provoking book entitled The British Museum Is Falling Down the main plot feature of this is the story of a practising catholic couple and their struggle with Natural Law or as some in the book refer to it Vatican Roulette and the normal human urges but one of the most noteworthy sections is a few pages of the wife's thoughts as she awaits for the gentle embrace of sleep like this paragraph which i expect has killed some by now this section features no punctuation at all it being entirely her train of thought uninterupted as it would be in the human mind this is one of the most interesting uses of writing i have found for a while and worthy i thought of a mention

August 19, 2005


If it takes 1 man 2 hours to move 1 ton of coal* 12 meters; then how bloody knackered is he afterwards?

Very, and yet no closer to being recognised as blaxploitation star John Shaft, which is in a way even sadder than the continuing back pain…

*yes i come from an evil household that has a coal fire and pollutes the earth. And yes the many connotations about polluters are correct – we regularly feast on fluffy kittens and soddomise small animals, also we smell of wee.

August 13, 2005


Euk i just got up really early to make the day last longer and make the most of it, but i have no ide whatsoever to do with it. Curretly i am reading a book (interposed with writng this). This time last week i was at a friends and i still havent quite gotten used to the idea of being back, a jobless only child, who needs to plan things with friends days in advance to make anything actually happen.

Anyway, I am interested to know what the rwest of you fine ladies and gentleman and walking abominations get up to with your days. Post the activity yiou think bast describes your day and i will do my best to keep soe form of accurate graph posted, and then at the end i will know what to dowith the rest of my holidays…

Options are

[A] Working at some form of job
[B] Computer gaming or internet trawling or other CPU based fun
[C] Seeing friends
[D] Being with/visiting family
[E] some form of solo activity such as reading
[F] Anything mildly different from what i have covered here - please specify

Thankyou for taking time to fill out thiss survey. you are a much valued customer.

August 08, 2005

My body need to go back to the manufacturersÖ

Well obviously its needed that for years with some metabolism overclocking due and possibly a sports bodykit. However now the very bios seems to have become corrupted; I feel sad at random intervals, find a constant longing for companionship and have a negativity that even alcohol cannot cure. I donít know how this file corruption occurred, but I really wish it would heal soon as it just leaves me feeling like smeg and wanting to constantly offine and defrag.

Possible sources of this glitch I suspect are having my parents gone away and left me at home which really should be a good thing but makes me feel so lonely it is positively unhealthy. I recently spent time staying at a good friendís and had company pretty much from waking to going to sleep, maybe itís the change from that. Possibly it could be that im worrying about getting back into warwick, and what will happen to all my friendships if I fail my resits. Odd as it may seem I half wish I had a job just for something to occupy my time.

If I concentrate and devote a lot of memory to it I can block out this gloom bug, but unless I find some permenant solution my whole brain may need to be formatted.


On a more upbeat note, heres the house i stayed in, it is quite similar to Dans Happy House

June 15, 2005


Follow-up to Facts you should know from I hate therefore I am

Hello. Firstly on a serious note i have a few more points about why i am a complete poo to add to the reasons from before

  • I never realise what i have or how precious something is until ive lost it
  • Sometimes i say things without thinking and these things are really hurtfull
  • I make people lose The Game a lot
  • I cause those around me to become depressed

Right. Now for the meat of this blog. Recently i was a complete twat. I said something, which made someone else very sad, which made me sad; which is the state i am in now. Now where antibiotics or lithium are not available, laughter is said to be the best medicine. Therefore make me better and able to get back fully into hating all of you, by telling me a joke.

Tell me your best joke; Go on. I dares ya.

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