October 12, 2004

Hello my furry little chipmunk chums

as my life enters a new phase i thought i'd cronicle these eventful times in a brand new blog.

recently i have started a very involving and fulfilling university course, doing electronic engineering, at the wonderful university of warwick.

and two days ago i got engaged to my wonderful girlfriend / fiancee`, Robyn Bewsey-Holden.

so i thought as i enter this new time of responsibility and maturity i would create a new blog and then never update it at all.

there's that well meaning "new leaf" crap over and done with, lets get on with the show.

I got engaged to this lovely example of womanhood because she is awesome and i love her more than pie… much more… more than stitch even, and everyone knows how much i love stitch.

well this blog might not be updated oftan, but when it is it'll be an interesting read, in the same way the bible is a grappling and intriguing novel.
interpret that how you will.

i'm an athiest.
Now, let me clarify this.
This does not mean i have no faith.
i do have a belief. a belief there is nothing except the world around us.
when we die, we just stop, we don't continue as there is no soul.

However, i do have theories on god. I am open to the possibility that there is a god. However, my opinion of any deities there may be is that they are as humans. the same basic desires, behaviours, and so forth.
was it not said in the bible that god created man in his own image?

think about yourself for a moment.
imagine you're a carpenter.
you've just crafted a really nice set of shelves, not perfect, but pretty damn good.
what do you do?
do you:
a) kick back with a beer infront of the telly, making sure the shelves don't rot or fall into disrepare
b) look after every aspect of the shelves, so there are no splinters, no imperfections, watch over it every second and make yourself aware of every single thing about the shelves
c) bung a bunch of books on it, leave it in the corner, and go down to the pub.

I'm willing to bet a large sum of money that it'd be a) or c)
If there is a deity (a concept i find highly unlikely and questionable) i would find it likely that it cares little or not at all for your well being, your life, your fate, or even weither you sit worshipping him all day.

This is McKinleys Shelf Theory of God.

on the other hand, perhaps a god/s do watch over their creation. would they really want us hunched in a dark dingy building staring solomly at a table with a fancy tablecloth on it?
or would they want us out enjoying it to the full.

this was Mckinleys Method of Confusing Evangelicals.

and that's quite enough of my religious views.

heck of a first entry eh?

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