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August 19, 2006

Steven Gerrard is a hypocritical, whining, cheating twat…

Actually that pretty much covers it…

4 days till Reading!

Just got the gazebo out to make sure we've got all the bits to put it up wonky and make it fall down… I'm seriously excited now! Even if the line up has been highjacked by shitty indie close bands (is that franz ferdinand or the kaiser chiefs? oh it's the arctic monkeys, ah well they're all shit…) there's still some good stuff knocking about, and as all sensible people know, it's aaaaaaall about the campsite!

August 02, 2006

Exercise… it's just bad…

Well, since I'm incapable of finding a job (bad restaurants and petrol station wont even call me back for an interview), and I can only spend a certain amount of my time playing music, I decided to get fit this summer… Colchester leisure centre is very serious about their gym though, you have to do a 5 session starter course to join, which involves 2 personal trainer sessions, which are hardcore…

Yesterday was my second personal trainer session and made the horrific mistake of saying I didn't really know what I wanted to work on. This apparently angered the beast trainer woman, who decided I should be punished with circuit training. Well I think I was doing pretty well, got through the first two circuits fairly comfortably (well, without crying or wanting to kill anything larger than a moth) but I knew I was in trouble at the start of the third circuit, and no matter how many times the evil woman said "not too long to go now" I knew either me or the cross trainer was going down, and of course, it was me. With just a minute left before I could try and scam a few seconds of rest between exercises, I suddenly realised my stomach was not happy that I was doing all this work, and was going to express its disappointment by sending my lunch up. Cue me having to jump off the sadistic cross trainer, walk briskly to the fire door holding back the wretches and just about getting outside before throwing up, interestingly mainly through my nose…

Apparently that was a good place to end the session, and the woman was kind enough to say she may have been pushing me a bit hard, but it's times like this that remind me why I'm not much of a gym person. Can exercise really be all that beneficial if it can cause vomiting, muscle strains, damaged ligaments, etc? Seems like at best it's only on a par with drinking heavily and eating kebabs…

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