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July 17, 2006

Excitement growing!

Having had a bit of a chat with my mate Dan who's just finished his degree (the sly bastard… how can I still have two years left??) we realised that Reading is only a month and a bit away!!

And all of a sudden the fact that I can't get a job, the shear boredom of living in Colchester where I know nobody, and the horrific state of my bank balance (sort of linked to the job thing) don't seem to matter anymore! In one month and 6 days I'll be in a field drinking my own body weight in special brew and fighting the effects of sleep depravation for another weekend (strangely, wednesday till monday still counts as a weekend) and I can't wait!

Sure the line up is pants this year… the top four bands on the friday are just shite, and the bastard Arctic Monkeys got to be co headliners with the awesome Muse, don't know what's going on there… but it is ALL about the camp site baby, and big JV.

And the line up isn't a complete wash out… after years of chanting Slayer for no good reason, they're going to be there! And there's Less Than Jake, Bullet for my Valentine, Flogging Molly, Dashboard Confessional, Fall Out Boy, Coheed and Cambria, GLC, and the epic legends of the weekend Pearl Jam, who I know nothing about other than I have to see them for the same reason I had to see Iron Maiden… so that I could tell my grandkids I did!

Ah yes, my countdown to Reading has begun…

July 08, 2006

On the flipside…

There seems to be a lot of people laughing at a certain footballer because he cried when his country was knocked out of the biggest competition in world football. Not so much has been made of these…

John Terry

Rio Ferdinand

Owen Hargreaves

I wonder why…?

July 03, 2006

Scraped it!

Finally, proof that "The Fear" is the single greatest revision aid known to man!

I scraped a first! 71% baby, it's the only way to be! Maybe in my 3rd and 4th years I'll try to work throughout the year, and gain a better understanding of things, but then hopefully the stuff we're learning will be of some vague interest rather than a quick skim over numerous random topics.

Anyway, don't let anyone ever tell you that learning entire topics the day before the exam is irresponsible or impossible. Just explain that nothing motivates people to learn like "The Fear"!

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