June 12, 2006

Cinematic Masochism

Oh the dilemmas… Ok, as anyone that's seen it will know, Scaregrow Gone Wild is the worst film ever. Worse than Terror Toons, worse than Boy Eats Girl, and much much worse than Dead Meat and Braineater.

However, today I found out that it was the third part of a trilogy of 'Scarecrow' movies! There's Scarecrow (the first one) and Scarecrow Slayer (the second one) and they both seem to have basically the same story line, albeit without the acting talents of Ken Shamrock.

So now I'm vaguely tempted to rent the first two, just to complete the experience. I almost feel like I'm cheating to just watch the last film, and not put myself through the agonizing torture of the full trilogy. Sort of like a guy who watches a bunch of people walking over hot coals and then sticks a foot in at the end just to say he was part of it.

How can I live with myself? How can I move on to Zombie Honeymoon, The Dead Next Door, or Dead and Breakfast if I'm just going to wuss out when the going gets tough?? I'd be rejected by indie–horror b movie connoseuirs the world over because of my weakness and lack of commitment to the cause…

Oh the dilemmas…

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  1. Have you ever tried leprachaun in the hood? That was a truely bad movie.

    12 Jun 2006, 15:04

  2. But that seems to be the 5th in a series… if it's truly memorably bad, I'll just have to watch the first 4 for the exact same reasons… Also, Ice T and Coolio and a Leaprachaun in one movie? How can that not be a success???

    12 Jun 2006, 17:38

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