February 24, 2007

Steven Gerrard

Well, my thoughts on him are fairly clear, but the little gimp dives way more than Cristiano Ronaldo, and no one ever says anything about it.

Hate him… deeply.

February 15, 2007

2 questions

First up, what is it that they’re building on the maths field?

And secondly, why is the University not marked on Google Maps when Cannon Park and Westwood Business Park are? Surely the campus is at least a bit of a landmark…

February 08, 2007

The bus company plan to annoy the hell out of me

Step 1. Remove bus stops. Do this during dry spell so no one really complains.
Step 2. Wait for massive amounts of snow.
Step 3. Randomly decide not to run a number 12 bus service.
Step 4. Make sure at least 3 of every other bus passes by.

So simple.

February 05, 2007

Things that Sabbs can't do…

I’m just trying to list the things that people have promised in their manifestos that are impractical or impossible, as some may vote on the basis of these “promises”

Feel free to add more, and I’ll add them to the list.

Stopping the Uni throwing people out of accommodation for smoking cannabis
Providing free busses for all after union events

Hmm… can’t think of as many now as I had when I was reading the posters earlier


The show on BBC2 has just said that the Sun was created in the big bang millions of years ago. Damn blasphemers, I don’t pay my licence fee to have them deny the truth of creation.

February 02, 2007

Have we not moved on a bit?

How computers model climate

Found this on the BBC news website… I hope we’re slightly more advanced than this…

January 29, 2007


Come and see it this week! If it isn’t sold out every show, I’ll feel very underappreciated for knackering myself completely 5 times in 4 days, and I imagine so will a large number of other musicians and actors.

By the way, it’s good!

November 30, 2006


Haven’t blogged for ages… had some thoughts…

1) Where are the chavs that sit on the back of the bus going? Every morning I see them heading for Leamington, but why? Are they going to meet up with the Leamington chavs to share stories. Or are they just looking for something to do to get them out of Pool Meadow (seemingly their spiritual home)? They sit on the back seat, listening to shit music on their phone (top sound quality there) so that everyone else can hear it, smoking (weed if they can afford it that morning it seems), and talking about people they’ve apparently battered and girls they’d like to shag. Anyway, this has deviated somewhat, do they just buy a day tripper ticket and spend all day on busses touring the area, or is there a reason for them to head to Leamington every morning?

2) What the hell happened to this term? I’m sure it was only week 4 a few days ago…

3) There really should be somewhere to get a decent dinner on campus. The number of times I’ve been stuck there until 9 or 10 wishing I could have a decent meal, rather than cack from battered, or some pathetically unfilling pastry thing from the arts centre, and Xananas is just way too expensive. I’ve eaten way too many prepacked sandwiches this term!

4) How, when the music societies at this University have a membership of several hundred, can 8 practice rooms ever be considered sufficient? And does anyone actually use the new whitefields practice rooms? I’m not allowed as I’m too loud, so I have to drag my trombone to Westwood if I ever want to practice.

That’ll do for now… probably wont get read by anyone anyway…

5) Actually, just to edit things a bit, how lame is the whole vote of no confidence in the Union? The Union resolves to regain the confidence of the members? What kind of resolution is that?? Barely even a slap on the wrist, when apparently the student body could decide that their representation is so woefully inept they feel the need to pass a motion about it. Surely there should at least be the possibility of a few sackings…

August 19, 2006

Steven Gerrard is a hypocritical, whining, cheating twat…

Actually that pretty much covers it…

4 days till Reading!

Just got the gazebo out to make sure we've got all the bits to put it up wonky and make it fall down… I'm seriously excited now! Even if the line up has been highjacked by shitty indie close bands (is that franz ferdinand or the kaiser chiefs? oh it's the arctic monkeys, ah well they're all shit…) there's still some good stuff knocking about, and as all sensible people know, it's aaaaaaall about the campsite!

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