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Welcome to The Bardathon!

I’m Peter Kirwan, and this is my theatre review blog. The blog started life as a chronicle of the RSC’s Complete Works Festiva (2006-07)l, and since then I have continued to review all the productions of Shakespeare and other early modern playwrights that I can get to.

The posts here represent my thoughts and opinions, and are by no means definitive. The particular purpose of this blog is to offer “academic” opinions – my priority is not ascertaining whether or not a production was good, but the ways in which it was interesting. As such, the reviews are deliberately descriptive and analytic. These kinds of reviews tend to appear several months later in academic journals, but this is an experiment in writing academic reviews quickly and making them available for public use.

Please feel free to comment, agree or disagree and debate (but no abuse), and let me know of anything I should be seeing! It’s my belief that everyone’s take on a performance has value, and the more opinions that are out there, the better.

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