October 21, 2005

A good graphic designer

A good graphic design is critical in positioning a company for success. A good design can help to position the company’s image to a great height therefore the designer must carefully select images, text and colours to create materials that are both eye–catching and effective.

1. Primary goal for every client:

A client is basically concerned about promoting his product so that it can successfully position in the market. His hope would lie in the fact that the designer’s creative potentials will help him give a new gaze to their users, for which it gets crucial for the designer to know what reputation the company hold in the eyes of the users and what is client’s primary objective behind promoting that product.

2. A Consumer- A behavior:

Every person is uniquely different from the other. We all hold different images for every different element in the environment. Many users are magnetized towards some product designs where as some don’t attract at all. Therefore, there comes a need for a designer to know his target audience. Unless he understands his audience he won’t be able to produce an attention grabbing design.

3. Simplicity:

A product design can get as complex as it wants but how would it be beneficial if consumers can’t germinate a meaning from it? The design must be kept as simple, attractive & straightforward to communicate the correct message to the masses.

4. Marketing skill:

A designer must have a deep sense of marketing as he sells dreams and benefits of a product through the medium of designs. At times, he must slip into the boots of a sales person before starting to design so that he can get out an intensified meaning and effectively market the product. Infact, a designer should be willing to point out ways to lower the project's costs, from showing less fully realized concepts to optimizing production costs

5. Photographer cum Designer:

It would be advantageous if a designer has interest in photography cause the basic requirement of any design are images. Once the designer has visualized his design and knows the theme, he could photograph the images from his perspective which would get him greater satisfaction and the correct meaning would be exemplified.

6. Cost effective:

The clients call for designs that are economical, appealing and functional. Designs; apart from being creative and valuable, the competitive market it demands it to be cost–effective too. Therefore, the designer must keep the cost factor in mind when he starts to design.

7. Open to environment & people:

If we have noticed, our surroundings are overflowing with designs associated with diverse subject matters. A designer who is enthusiastic in fabricating brilliant graphic designs should be open to various types of designs. Some work experience with senior people in designing or working under a creative director would definitely help as they offer constructive feedbacks.

October 06, 2005

My Work

My cover page design

A cover page designed for the fieldwork done in the final year of my graduation (Dt: March
(+click to enlarge+ )

Hi everyone,

To start with, I decided to just write something about my own design that got ready in my final year of graduation. I had given a presentation too in the class but this is for those who had missed it.

The thought, before I actually started designing was how would I link ‘Spirituality and Psychology’. If we see ‘Spirituality’ and ‘Psychology’, they are two very broad and interesting subjects which are linked to each other. Today, the western psychologists are looking for answers to human problems which were already written in 500 BC in the old ‘Vedas’ (Scriptures) of ancient India.

I didn’t want to complex my design by introducing many elements therefore what was important to me is that it should appeal and should converse on its own. As you might have observed, the background image of the Universe which is Endless and Eternal so is the subject Spirituality and Psychology. The Universe is also given another name called the ‘Cosmic or Cosmos’. The central image of the sage constructs a picture of a person who is knowledgeable, wise and full of wisdom. One such man was ‘Buddha’ so I have linked him with Spirituality. The forklike image blended with the sage is the approved ‘Logo of Psychology’ by the American Psychological Association’. The reason to bring it together was to show both are interlinked and studied, whereby the human being is the centre. The colour Blue is also going with the theme as blue is idealistic, rational, honest, and tranquil. It is cooling and soothing colour as per ‘American Astrology’.

Your responses are crucial to me. Please feel free to comment.


Vitaliz-Energy Drink
(+click to enlarge+ )

A new energy drink to be launched in the market named ' Valitiz'- An initail concept.

September 29, 2005


My name is Petrusp Kasad. I am born and brought up in Baroda, Gujrarat, India. I have Graduated in Psychology from The Maharaja Sayajirao University Of Baroda with First class honours in the year 2004–05.

My Interests lie in Music, Photography, Graphic Designing, Reading and Playing Cricket.

I am keen in doing this course to have an exposure to the world of designs in the International marketplace. I want to be a Creative Visualizer or a Graphic designer in an Creative Industry.

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