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May 20, 2007

Travis' latest album

3 out of 5 stars

Travis are back, after a three-year hiatus, with a fourth album, The boy with no name. It is definitely more pop than rock, this time – and marks quite a change from 12 memories. The boy with no name draws upon all the positive sides from the previous albums (some instrumentals remind of Quicksand; Selfish Jean belongs definitely more to Good Feeling than any other album, and My Eyes rings a bit like Fear. And the pop bits are from The Invisible Band, and remind especially of Side.
So, it should be a masterpiece. And yet the magic doesn’t work – granted, some pieces are just awesome – especially My eyes – but all these songs are just – well – sung. They do not convey any feeling, where the whole of The invisible band was transmitting a general feeling of hope, The man who sadness and insecurity, Good feeling buoyant happiness, and 12 Memories anger. And not conveying any feeling makes The Boy with no name achieve only a three stars. Interestingly enough, the video to the first single, Closer, happens in a supermarket – and that’s basically what some of the songs are: supermarket music, lacking energy and originality.
Pity, because we all know that Travis is able to do so much better!
So – yes – individually, there are some great songs: My eyes, One night, and Selfish Jean. But as a whole, the new album is a disappointment.

November 07, 2006

Oxjam – that WAS great

Follow-up to Oxjam – that's gonna be great from Procrastination man

So – Oxjam took place yesterday night, it was definitely worth it – good music (though, a tad too loud), good bands, good everything (obviously I’m biased – but still). I loved Replica X.
I don’t know how much money we raised; I guess people are still counting at the moment – but anyways, thank you very much to all the people who have donated for the Health & Education Campaign, and to those who have filled in our cards.
A reminder for those who were not here: there is a dire need for more teachers, nurses and doctors in poor countries. The Make Poverty History Campaign has had many positive consequences (for instance in Zambia, where primary education is now free), but it is not enough: the world lacks two million teachers, in Uganda, 3m children do not have a teacher.
This Oxfam Campaign, for which we raised money tonight, is aimed at forming teachers (and nurses and doctors), paying them, so that poor countries have access to proper education and health systems. It is also a way to raise awareness to those important issues.
You can still make donations at the Oxfam shop, as well as fill in cards to show your support. More informations at

November 02, 2006

Oxjam – that's gonna be great

Wow today I’m productive in terms of entries…
This one is just to tell you that Oxjam is going to happen at Warwick Uni. This is gonna be great, do show up. It’s FREE. And it’s for a good cause (no that is not contradictory, I’ll come back to it later). So here goes:
  • When? Next monday (week 6) at 8:30 pm
  • Where? Graduate club – that’s top floor of the union
  • What? Lots of live music by local bands.

Organised by Oxfam and Bandsoc. For a good cause. It’s entirely free, but it’s also an opportunity to make donations.

Detailled programme (well, list of the bands playing) available on leaflets at Oxfam@ Warwick Uni

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