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June 25, 2007

The beginning of the end

This is the time of the year when you start to feel – well, that it’s getting over. Soon. Very soon. Things just wrappung up quietly around you.
This week, for me, was marked by two relatively big blows – thursday, and, well, tonight, with some continuity between them.
Thursday was my last Warwick Rev rehearsal (I dare not say ever) – as well as my last proper DMed show at the Student Cinema. The Science of Sleep was awesome by the way. But as I said, the beginning of the end.
It went on Friday, with my lovely Oxfam friends throwing me a surprise thank you party – I can’t believe, in retrospect, that I fell for the trick the manager used to keep me in the shop. As if he needed one. But it was really really nice and very much appreciated.
Saturday. Two of my housemates have now definitely left, and I’m home alone (but my third housemate is coming back tomorrow :-) ). I see lots of people from WiM again. [geek moment]And it is the first part of this year’s final episode of Doctor Who – which, for the first time since… Daleks in Manhattan (!) watch without John or pizza. Fortunately, Stu was there ! [/geek]
Sunday, aka today. What it all built up to. The Piazza concert! Now that was awesome, and we had lots of people turning up and enjoying themselves, despite the rain – and quite frankly we sounded great :-) and people laughed at the drama and (unexpectedly) at the dance. I have rarely had as much joy as during the encores of So Good and My Redeemer. But it was also the last I was seeing of lots of friends. So after the concert it was lots of hugs. So fellow Revvers, thank you for these two terms, that I have been able to enjoy so much with you. You will always have a special place in my heart.
And right now, I’m typing from the office of the Student Cinema, where the last L3 show of the year is being done – Full Monty is on at the moment – and the very last WSC show is going to be on tuesday (the outdoor screening of Ice Age).
So yeah, I am feeling quite emotional at the moment. But I’d rather have it this way than wishing it were over more quickly.
To all my friends – carry on doing what you’re doing, because you’re just the best!

June 16, 2007

Big Finish (Finish it is indeed)

Follow-up to Oh boy, am I excited! from Procrastination man

Well. Expectedly, I didn’t make it. Even though, technically, I haven’t received the rejection email, Simon/ConcreteElephant has announced on Outpost Gallifrey that the shortlisted 25 had been contacted by email. Mind you, I’m using my university email for that so it may well be a Warwick Mail failure. Aren’t we all used to that now?
Which is why I am not putting my story online for all to see just yet. It would be stupid, wouldn’t it, to get an email a bit later saying – oh you’ve won but not anymore because you’ve published it. However, once I get this email, the story will be available here (yes, in pdf because pdf rules).
For now, thanks to Big Finish for giving this opportunity to unpublished writers like myself; and congrats to the winner, whoever he/she is. Thanks to all of you if you have supported me.
Once the story is up and online, I’d appreciate any comments.

Edit – 19th June 2007 – the names of the winners are up on the Beebs website, so I have put my story online.

June 10, 2007

Thank you

I just thought tonight that there were quite a lot of people I should say thank you to, and have not done so quite enough. So here goes:

  • Thanks to Casper for making me discover the world of Rev. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to thank you enough for that.
  • Thanks a lot to Jason, Judey, Rich, Sam Bond, Liam for welcoming me so warmly there. You’ve been good friends since my very first rehearsal.
  • Thanks to Hazel for her communicative enthusiasm and her great variety of tea. And for taking me to Elim and telling me about Globe Café.
  • Thanks to John for letting me watch Doctor Who, taking me to Jubilee, and for being a good friend.
  • Thanks to Simon (from WiM) for his insightful chats and for the book he sent me.
  • Thanks to Ben, Adam, Sam Burrell, and the other members of the new exec… for being an awesome exec!
  • Thanks to Alex J (from WiM) for her natural cheerfulness, and for being a nice friend.
  • Thanks to Adair for the barbecue, between many other things.
  • Thanks to Tim, Amalia, Steve, Jonny, and the others, for various reasons.
  • Thanks to James Mac for putting me back on the right track at the beginning of term. I needed it and didn’t see it, so sorry if I have been a bit cranky about that. Really.
  • Thanks to George for the Doctor whos
  • Thanks to Ellie for her hugs
  • Thanks to Andy for the very intriguing innuendo-full conversations
  • Thanks to Tom for being a friend
  • Thanks to Aiden for being the Brummie he is
  • Thanks to James C for being friendly, chatty (most of the time) and nice
  • Thanks to Austin for being a good friend, and for being able to deal with me more than any human should.
  • Thanks to Matt for being an awesome buddy and preparing me nicely to my arrival in the UK
  • Thanks to Jess & Rachel from Rev for being friendly and taking me onto RAG wildness.
  • Thanks to Pidge for being so much fun to be around.
  • Thanks to Warwick Volunteers for giving me that many opportunities
  • Thanks to Jamie (from WMS/Beauty & the geek) for being the down-to-earth but never too worried kind of person you like to have around.
  • Thanks to Ben & Sue from the International Office for their great job throughout the year.

Finally, thanks to anyone I have forgotten. If I have met you this year, there is very probably a reason why I should thank you. Thanks for making me smile, and enjoy this year more than I ever thought I could enjoy something. You made me smile, you made me happy, you made me live this year to the full.

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