April 27, 2007


I can’t believe it’s already been two weeks since WiM! I must say I am missing it, even though getting back to Warwick Rev was good. Very good.
But – I hear some of you asking me – what is WiM? And what a strange capitalisation! Well, the weirdness does not stop there: WiM stands for Week in March. But if you can count, you’ll notice it was in April…
Right, now that you’re confused, I’ll try and be clearer about what WiM is. The idea is that all the choirs from the Revelation network join for one week somewhere in the UK. This year, it was Keele, last year Newmarket, there’s been Bangor (yes, in Wales!) Coventry and many others. But one week for what? Have a guess… We’re a choir; therefore we … sing! A lot. In view of a concert at the end of the week.
It is pure madness; since all, or most of us, do not know the songs beforehand; and therefore have an awful lot to do during what they call “rehearsals” (more than four hours a day!) – but YES it DID work and we had enough songs for the concert, and it was purely awesome! Ask the people who were at the concert :) In order for it to work, we had to split the choirs into the Solar half and the Lunar half, with 6 specific songs each, plus 4 joint songs.
But – aims and values the ENVIRONMENT is really important! So we didn’t just sing during the week; it was also the opportunity to meet people from different choirs, and create really nice friendships. So on top of the Solar/Lunar division, we had Bond Groups, designed for that purpose (they had all weird TV-related names – ours was Doctor WiM) with special activities every day: photo-caption challenges, formal dress creation (out of binbags) games with other bond groups etc. On top of that, we had Splinter Groups, which did more than singing for the concert (advertising, dance & drama, band, decoration, and I’m sure I’m forgetting some…).
And, one of the nicest ideas – that of the guardian angels. During that week, you secretly have to look after someone else; and someone looks after you – which translates in nice gifts, and lots of great stuff and fun.
Inconvenients of the week? Well, you might think that, sleeping in a church, you don’t have showers. And it’s true, it is an inconvenient – but services stations have very nice showers so the issue was more to find the time to get there! The other inconvenient, one might say, is that it is very tiring. I had been told, before that week “oh, you don’t want to go to WiM tired”, and had stupidly thought “meh – I can take it”. Big. Mistake. Oh, I could take WiM all right and be in some roughly acceptable shape on the saturday (concert day) BUT it took me over a week to recover after that. Thinking about it, I’m not sure I fully recovered!
The price? 48 quid for the week, and that included food! Hats off to the cooking team (Elliot, Aleks, Rowan) and lots of thanks for their help during WiM!

Of this week I’ll remember – well everyone – but more particularly Ty’s cowcar, Jo’s good mood, Karen Gibson’s TWANG, Simon’s Bible & poker, the peg, Elliot’s lateral thinking, Sam’s funny hat, the cold, ENVIRONMENT (thanks tp and Hannah by the way), tp’s dangerous driving, Tom’s frog, the Ceilidh (might have to write more about that), Joyce’s chilling out. And other things. And everyone, even though you may not be on the list.

Love & Burpees to everyone :-)

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