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February 08, 2007

HSBC – its not the end of my problems yet

Follow-up to HSBC Adventures from Procrastination man

When I thought I would be done with bank problems, I guess I was, in mild terms, naive, or frankly utopian.
Termly accommodation bills drawing a large amount of cash in a limited amount of time, I ordered a transfer from my French account, which seemingly did not register (usually they appear on my online French statement the day as “being processed” after I ordered them); and as I did not wish to be overdraft on my English account, I chose to re-order it. This time successfully.
You see where this is going to. Before I tell the obvious conclusion of this mishap, I want to precise that on the online transfer forms, it says “This account of money will be transferred provided there is enough money on your account” which gave me a false sense of security.
Bottomline is, one day I ended up checking my English balance on one ATM, and finding it surprisingly high. Horrible doubts assault me and I check the online statement – turns out I am about 1300 pound overdraft in my French account.
Quite fortunately, my father could lend me the money so I dont have to pay interest, but this is one more mishandling from HSBC (in whichm admittedlym I share some responsibility)

Snow at Warwick

Today, snow covered Warwick University, which had a result of cancelling quite a few lectures: I began at 9am this morning (and was on time, as well as 3 other people), the next lecture was cancelled (but I only got to know about that after it… don’t ask!) and Russian from 4-6 was cancelled just as well (which I got to know about 15 minutes before the class) so here I am, updating my blog thanks to that!
Fortunately, I had taken my camera with me and there shall be lots of pictures soon (well, relatively soon, I still have to upload them)
I like snow :-)


Just a quick line to let you know that I am now a fully qualified Duty Manager (pending Exec approval on tuesday). I qualified on Pulp Fiction last week (Warwick’s favourite film: second place, between Donnie Darko and the Shawshank Redemption, all great movies!) and have done a couple of shows since, including Little Miss Sunshine – which was quite honestly GREAT!!! Made me happy for the next two days :-)
I guess that, with Warwick Student Cinema taking up more of my time, I should try to write actual reviews of the movies I see, but we’ll see how much time I have! For now, I’ll redirect to the society’s website
Among the next good movies are the departed (tomorrow) Pan’s labyrinth (sunday), the Holiday (wednesday, with Jude Law), the Prestige (friday) and Marie-Antoinette (the following sunday)
Shows take place in L3 (Science Concourse, facing the Library) at 7:30pm except on Fridays and Sundays when they are at 6:30pm and 9:30pm.

Sheffield Raid

One week after York, Sheffield got off the list of “cities to go to/raid in”. Organisation seems to have been quite difficult for that raid: our silver tongued raider only found us a roof two days before the actual raid.
So until then the Sheffield raid was going to be a Day Raid, and we would have been able to go to Andy’s birthday party later (happy birthday again Andy. This is quite late, but I’m catching up with too much stuff for me to be bothered), but in the end, Thom, a Raid fresher from Sheffield, found us accommodation in a methodist church, so it turned into a week-end raid.
So here we go, friday, to Sheffield. Thom, now as well as Becca, belongs to the small group of people who got RAG lost in their own city, but ended up finding their way back. So on the way there we stop at Thom’s house to pick up some stuff (awesome family by the way, Thom – we got food, pillows, it was a Comfort Raid), and get to the church later. Leaving stuff in the minivan, we find a bar to eat in (I am now the proud owner of a Snout card) and play lots of Quiz games (without winning that night, alas!) and Kaplung (I am sure of the wrongness of this spelling) in the bar, before going back home. Too tired for a lash the first night, but believe me, we were going to catch up the following night!
So back in the church, we play some word games. Have I mentioned it was a Comfort Raid? This church hall was carpeted, with sofas, heating, and board games!!! And an equipped kitchen we would use the next day, including a constant boiler.
In the morning, after a breakfast at Spoons, we start the actual collection, this week for the National Autism Society. A worthy cause, considering half a million families throughout the UK are touched by autism. The collection goes quite well for all of us, with Thom raising about £290 on his first raid, and a personal 219 ish.
Only discomfort in this Raid: no counting machines (which made it quite fun counting). But then, Elle and Becca cooked for us, and it was GOOD!
Lash then, starting with a gay bar (it would seem), where I actually make money on quiz machines, followed by a scream bar and clubbing at the Leadmill, till about, what, like 2am. Definitely good night out, highlighted by Pidge and Elle’s dance-off (pictures coming soon…), and accompanied with lots of beverages.
The next morning proved harder, though. But it was definitely worth it! Thank you Dave! Thank you Thom!
Miscelleanous about this raid:
  • I was in Pam Spurs the kangaroo, and when I went to a shop to buy something, I got discount because the sales assistant’s name was Pam.
  • George the pink hippo definitely needs rejuvenation: he is either referred to as “the other elephant” (in York) or “the pink thing”
  • While collecting, I got to know an awesome Sheffield band, called The Gentlemen check them out on myspace (with three tracks) or on their website
  • A reminder about the cause we were collecting for: The National Autism Society. Autistic people need support.

A quick word about my next RAG thing: I shall do a sponsored famine of 24 hours, probably between Friday 3pm and Saturday 3pm, in favour of WorldVision. Sponsorships welcome :-)

York Raid

This is what I would call a late entry. But hey, I’ve been really busy over the last couple of weeks and only have this time thanks to the snow (see other entry today, hopefully).
Anyways, here goes: term 2 has started, and RAG activities just as well. Raids are still just as awesome as they used to be (even better, when we go up North…), and the first one was to York.
And in total honesty, York is an awesome city. I have a couple of great pictures which I will insert in here as soon as I have time to.
Not in the correct order, York (where I might have gone to, hadn’t I chosen Warwick) will now evoke the following to me:
  • Whip Ma Whop Ma Gate (it is the name of a street, I really like it)
  • Breasts. We were raiding for the Breast Cancer Campaign, and I don’t think I have said “breasts” as many time at any point in my life.
  • sleeping in a church (well, church hall) for the first time – Liverpool was in a student residence hall.
  • “Can I touch your trump?” (I was Barbara, the elephant)
  • Pizza. That was quite epic: having access to a fully equipped kitchen, we buy some pizzas to cook ourselves; however try hard though we may, the oven won’t ignite (wrong choice of words? maybe not) so we ended up in Pizza Hut.
  • A great Uni. In terms of scenery at least. And the lash certainly was on… in a more home uni way than Warwick parties.
  • Well, basically York = fun = great city, almost as great as some Scottish cities.
    And with generous people: I raised 274£ in one day and was not even in the top five! Congratulations to Dave with his staggering £374 and to that York person who managed to raise over 470 quid! In one day… And hats off to the organisation team :)
    The raid after that would be… Sheffield (yay, North again! :-))

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