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May 04, 2007

Where reality gets stretched

Today was a perfect day. Really. It started off with three personal letters:
  • the replacement for my bus pass (which I had shamefully lost on the bus a week before)
  • a postcard
  • paperwork I need to establish a passport

Of these, only the latter was (half) expected so it was a good way to start the day already.
But it doesn’t stop there – I then (thanks to the bus pass) managed to get to Oxfam for opening time (otherwise I’d have walked and it would have taken me at least three times as much time); had a chat with friends, cashed up (oh I love doing that & being behind the till :-) ) and went off to my first lecture in ages.
Mind you, this one was not exactly interesting, but at least it gave me time to finish the translation of a song for Revelation – Au bout de mes rêves. I must say I am very happy with the result; however I will look into copyright issues before I put it online (I guess a translation would be fair use). Oh, and no, I don’t feel any shame for doing other stuff during a lecture, because the material we covered in two hours could easily have been covered in half an hour.
Then, well, I went quickly to Oxfam to help out a bit, when George just walked by (15 seconds before the time I had said I would leave to meet him in front of L3 at…) so we went together to the dump to get a trolley and to the Resources Room to get WSC Clothing. Oh yes, that’s one of the other good things from today – WSC clothing has arrived :-D (dressing gown included!!!)
Once this was done, I called France to hear some nice news about my home university; and went back to Oxfam… only to find the shop had done very well today! Looking into it with a yummy nice cuppa tea (oooh I looooove tea) I look at the breakdown of categories and see languages did over ten quid (as a comparison, I am happy when they do three), and noticed the books that were sold were Latin books! Totally unrealistic… But then, discussing with the manager how reality was stretched, I said “next thing you’ll tell me is that we sold some of [random category that has not done well recently]”... and he goes “funny you should mention that”. However, Biography was still at zero (“you can only go that far with meddling with reality”). Ten minutes later, someone comes in asking “have you got a biography section?”
I mean, how much more unrealistic does it get? Also today, I have found the perfect comic illustration for a good friend, found out that a bank statement could be used as proof of residence (thanks Homa), been to a very nice barbecue (thanks a lot Adair)...
... and bumped into more people than I ever did: at least 30 of them, including some I had not talked to in the past 4 months!
Oh, and I went to Globe Café, and it was nice :) – I also sort of DMed the early show of Babel.
In a nutshell, today was…

A lovely day :-)

(goes singing his favourite Rev song)

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