October 28, 2011

Communist spirit fails to produce sporting success…

If football matches were 8 minutes long, then Norfolk'n'Chance would have won 1-0. Sadly, football games are not 8 minutes long so Norfolk'n'Chance actually lost 8-1. However, you know the odds are against you when the pitch is underwater (though that is the same for both teams), the opposition has 4 substitutes to your 0, and one of their biggest players is wearing a Warwick University football team training kit...

Having taken an early lead with a goal in which all five players were involved, it seemed that getting a foothold on the 5-a-side ladder would not be too difficult. The ball was swept efficiently from back to front, up towards the left flank before a powerful finish sealed the all important first goal. Sadly, the all important second (and third, fourth, fifth etc) went the other way, in particular during a nasty 4 minute spell towards the end of the first half in which 3 goals were conceded.

Despite this, a number of positives can be drawn from the match. As the first ten minutes demonstrated, we can evidently play effectively. Also, many of the reasons for the defeat centre on a lack of experience and the fact that it was our first time playing together; the opposition were merely faster on the ball, and superior in terms of defensive and offensive positional play. This organisation can only come with practice and experience as we all work out eachother's strengths and weaknesses, and as we discover what style of play is best for us.

Therefore, as inductions go, it was not as embarassing as the scoreline might lead some to believe. It must also be said that, despite the defeat, it was a good match and fun to play in - even if our efforts were, in the end, unrewarded.

October 25, 2011

October 20, 2011

I've decided that the Post Room isn't that far really…

I've not complained about this yet, so here's my chance. The Post Room is a logistic nightmare - it is located off campus in the Hall of Residence that is furthest from the Students' Union by several miles (yes Westwood, that is you). Therefore, it is also miles away from where I live. If we assume that Time=Distance/Speed then the answer would be Time=Lost as you can budget for a good 30-40 minute round trip for any parcels. This problem is deepened by the lack of direct routes (even cutting behind Humanities and the Library doesn't knock much off) so, all in all, receiving packages is a pain.

However, I must register my surprise at how much faster it is on a bike. Having borrowed a bike for my last trek to the Post Room, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself returning less than 20 minutes after setting off which would change the equation of T=D/S to T=(Not Much)Lost. Basically a bike cut off half the journey time, so I'd advise begging someone to lend you a bike if you have a parcel to collect (just remember a bag to put the parcel in, otherwise the equation T=D/S will rearrange to T=(Lots)Lost,because-I-was-hospitalised-having-fallen-off-whilst-trying-to-ride-and-carry-a-large-parcel...).

Thus the moral of the story is to get hold of a bike for any Post Room missions (so at this point I must thank Adam for lending me his bike). The other lesson we could learn from this is that it would be far easier for students if the Post Room was near the S.U, although that would deprive Westwood of its one perk (being near the Post Room) and they need something to comfort them when they think of the daily long walk to campus...

October 16, 2011

For a period of history called 'The Enlightenment', I have yet to be enlightened…

It had to happen in the end. I couldn't leave work out of the blog forever - it is, of course, the reason I'm here.

Anyway, The Enlightenment: Rousseau, Kant, French Revolution, the leagacies it left behind... it might just be me but it seems like an awful lot of hot air. I do not doubt the significance of the French Revolution or the move away from absolute monarchies in shaping today's world. Nor do I believe that Rousseau or Kant can be disregarded as important philosophers, just like Eric Hobsbawm cannot be dismissed as a historian despite the "fruity" nature of his works. All I wish to say is that surely someone could have told Rousseau that his Social Contract did not make much sense? It is contradictory - he preaches the ideas of general will and the importance of the individual, but also heavily implies his desire for a police force - and does not seem to form a coherent argument. Kant's discourse on achieving enlightenment is again an example of an idea not applicable in modern society, although his would appear more thought through.

None of this is to question the interest or curioisity this period provokes. As a period of history it is new to me, and thus very interesting generally. That does not mean, however, that it makes sense - insofar as its ideas seem implausible, not in the sense that its events disappear in a haze above my head. I will also say that what has been tendered so far on the course has disproved the notion (as suggested by one of my friends) that the period of history from 1780-1914 was one in which "basically not a lot happened." Indeed, for all the implausibility of the ideas of the Enlightenment, this period would seem to have had a huge bearing on the development of society since, just not necessarily in the obvious way a World War or an act of terrorism would.

October 14, 2011

Those heels were made for walking…

...or rather causing crippling foot pain.

Following yesterday's Moulin Rouge, I'm going to say that I have an awful lot of respect for women and an appreciation of what they do to look good. High heels are not comfortable, especially when dancing or negotiating stairs (although I didn't fall over once, which I was fairly proud of). Hold-ups do not "hold up" as suggested by the name, and lipstick is far "gunkier" than I ever imagined it would be.

However, I'll say that not only was it outrageous but it was also epic and the pictures on Facebook are proof of that. I've got to thank my fellow cross-dresser Nick for making me look less ridiculous and Emily for taking the photos. In the end, I'll say that I certainly got my money's worth out of the costume and that the Freshers of Warwick got a laugh out of it so it was all worth it in the end. Even so, I'm not sure I ever want to wear heels again...

October 12, 2011

"Excuse me, Sir, where are the trans–gender fitting rooms?

Well I didn't quite use those words. In fact, I was spared the shame of actually having to ask at all for a fitting room - mainly due to the huge queue in Primark. However, I was given the dubious honour of paying in person at the till at the front of another large queue. I suppose I was bought a packet of sweets as a reward for this act of shame, but it was still far from natural placing the contents of my shopping bag on the counter.

I'm going to assume most readers will have worked out what I'm talking about by now. Or, at least, they have an idea of what was going on but they don't want to believe that they're right. Those of the latter category had better start believing that thought. Just think of tomorrow's Moulin Rouge party, add to that the fact that I was in Primark and factor in that I was embarassed to pay for my items and you should get somewhere near to hitting the nail on the head. If you still haven't quite worked out what I'm talking about, you'll see soon enough - tomorrow, in fact.

I can safely say that this is the most outrageous scheme I've ever been involved in. As such, it is only right to thank my co-collaborators Nick, Emily, Kate, Faisal, anyone who came shopping, Yung (who taught me to walk) and anyone else who ends up lending a hand on or before the big day...

Anway, il faut que j'aille - they're calling me to hair and make-up...

October 11, 2011

And so begins an "epic" journey

Well here it is. My blog. In full colour, and online. At the request of my kitchen in Cryfield 1, it's up and running. I've no idea why they want me to have one, but why not?

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