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November 03, 2005

My show, did anyone actually hear it?

Did anyone actually listen to "Who knows?" on RaW this morning? If so what did you think? I told all of my friends to listen if they could, and no-one managed to do so, so i have no feedback.

October 01, 2005

Cypriot night

Well not a CD, a Graduate club night
5 out of 5 stars
I thought as a music review I'd review the Cypriot night I went to last night in the graduate, a fun filled night with spectacular music and even more spectacular dancing. Not being a Cypriot myself, only boring old English, I have to thank Elena on my hall for inviting me, maybe not the best night of the Freshers fest, but close for me so far.

September 29, 2005

Steady decline of my work whilst I write this review

4 out of 5 stars
Heard this band for the first time at the V fest, was an awesome time and these guys really rocked hard on the channel 4 stage. Their explosive antics started the saturday off perfectly, and put many later acts to shame. The CD I have to say though nowhere near lives up to their live gig, but it is still a very well put together album – Steady Diet of Decline.
Having taken their name from an actual town called No Hope in the state of New Jersey – how unfortunate to come from there? You'd be a no-hoper before you even began – this manchester mob attacked the music scene to create a band that sounds a bit Queens of the stone age, and a bit Strokes at times (in a good way). Out of the whole album I have to say my favourite track has to be numero 6 – invaders. Probably the most QOTSAesque, but then I'm a queens fan.
The riffs are to say the least catchy, and to say the most bloody great. The rhythm bouncy and active, with plenty of crash. Whilst the lyrics and singing set off on a slightly discordant and depressed feel that lends weight to Jo Whiley's observation on their possibilities as the new Nirvana. If their success is as big as all that then remember you read it here first, that is unless you read Jo Whiley's reviews online. Yep here's the album cover again. And a final note to say that although the Album doesn't do so well a live performance is definitely 5 star.

Finally online and I find I dont have enough time

Writing about web page

I finally get online after I don't know how many days of thinking of trying, and I find that there is sooooo much to do. Including having a little play around with this. I'd love to give some music reviews, but as the title says – no time, so just see the website for free downloads of music, some unsigned, some you WILL have heard of, and most of them good. Also a little hi to all the Rugby crew, if you hadn't twigged it is I, sideburns! (I got rid of the pic cos it looked awful, I'll wait until I get one of me looking reasonable, and no Gaz that doesnt include the one of me puking)

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